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6 Effective Ways to Strengthen Your Personal Development as a Freelancer

Personal development is one of the primary reasons many people transition to freelancing—getting away from the corporate grind, earning more money, utilizing one’s particular skills and knowledge, and having a better work-life balance.

However, many people who get into the freelancing world are usually clueless and unprepared.

How do you get your first customer? Like any other job, Freelancing necessitates a working system, which you most likely did not consider before beginning.

How do you figure out how much to charge? How do you handle your money? Oh, rejection! What should be done?

And so much more…

Here’s how you may quickly boost your personal development as a freelancer:

1) Consistently improve your talents.

Whether working full-time or as a freelancer, every professional must pay attention to upskilling or upgrading abilities regularly. According to a NASSCOM report, up to 40% of the Indian workforce would be re-skilled over the next five years.

The reason: to stay current with what the industry demands, boost earnings, and secure your freelancing career’s future. In this ever-changing environment, failing to focus on improving one’s skills may soon render a freelancer obsolete.

So, what exactly is upskilling?

Upskilling entails increasing skill sets to perform better and contribute to personal progress. When the new skills pursued are linked with market needs, upskilling can be beneficial.

Did you know that organizations seeking qualified individuals frequently choose candidates based on the skill sets listed in their profiles?

The more talents you have, the higher your chances of securing a job. The more advanced and in-demand the skills, the more likely you will be awarded well-paying tasks.

There are several ways to upskill:

  • Attend workshops and seminars
  • Training
  • Courses
  • Internships
  • Read books and blogs related to a skill

2) Establish a growth mindset in yourself.

One can never do something if one does not have the mindset or will to do so.

Experts have frequently discussed specific human attributes that are related to a personal growth mentality. A University of Pennsylvania professor, Angela Duckworth, emphasizes ‘grit,’ often known as determination, perseverance, or resolve. “Grit enables individuals to pursue tough and long-term goals,” she explains.

Watch instructional films, read books, and articles to help you develop your character and become a better leader. When putting yourself out there to promote your skills and services, confidence is essential.

Simultaneously, communication skills are essential for someone who is continually scooping and marketing clients.

3) Take on new projects, even if they don’t pay well.

Freelancers work on a variety of tasks for a variety of reasons. For the money, to add to their portfolios, to try their hand at new types of work that will enhance their talents, and for various other reasons.

As a freelancer, you’d want to stay on top of your game, stand out from the crowd, and develop your brand. When freelancers work as individuals, each item of work they create is associated with their name. They are held accountable and accountable for all of their job.

4) Alter your approach and try new work styles.

When you do the same thing, every day, monotony, tiredness, and flatness can easily sneak into your work. Freelancers may also find themselves in this scenario. It is pretty easy for freelancers to get stuck in a rut.

Only to discover one fine day that their hard effort is not yielding the desired performance or outcomes. You’re capable of doing better!

Let’s explore what we can glean from sports-related examples.

Roger Federer lost in the semi-finals of Wimbledon in 2016. He opted to take a few months off to recover from his knee injury. This provided him the opportunity to reconsider his ambitions, career, and game. With his knee injury, he understood he’d have to play a little different style of tennis.

What exactly did he do?

He worked on his backhand and return of service skills to transition to a more aggressive style of play that relied more on his hands than his knees.

Similarly, a freelancer – whether a writer, designer, programmer, manager, or web developer, should consider an alternative technique if one working method is not producing the required results.

5) Network and consider joining a coworking space.

The importance of networking for freelancers cannot be overstated! Not just for corporate expansion but also personal development. Sharing experiences, collaborating on new types of projects, finding like-minded people, and being a part of the “clan” are just a few of the reasons why freelancers network.

There are numerous networking mediums:

– Participating in conferences and events 

– Participating in conferences and events 

– Utilizing coworking spaces

– Working from coffee shops

– Increasing your social circle 

– Increasing your professional contacts

6) You are a company. Make a personal brand.

You may be wondering why it is necessary to have a personal brand.

The truth is that every freelancer is already a brand.

A few factors that will develop your brand include the quality of your work, your work ethics, how you respond to client communications, and how approachable you are. Why will individuals (customers) work with you if they don’t appreciate your methods and personality?

Being the ideal person isn’t enough to build your brand. You will need to establish a presence, just like any other actual brand. In today’s world, your online presence is essential. That is the practical aspect of your brand-building efforts.

  • Establish yourself as an expert in your field of work
  • Focus on personalized services for clients
  • Let your work do the talking for you
  • Let your personality get your self new projects
  • Be consistent
  • Infuse passion in every project

Keep in mind that freelancing is easier said than done. It is only after one begins freelancing that one realizes what it is all about. These are just a few ideas for how you might advance on your route to a successful freelance job.

Source: Zen Habit


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