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6 Hacks to Assist Freelancers in Getting More Done

When you work as a freelancers, your time is money. You most likely charge your clients based on the amount of time you spend working for them. As a result, the more time you have to devote to a genuine job, the more money you can earn.

On the other hand, an eight-hour day might fly by when you’re continually putting effort into repetition helps that could be automated. But wait a minute. Isn’t automation primarily for corporations who can afford to buy expensive software and artificial intelligence tools?

That is no longer the case! When it comes to process automation, technology has evolved so far that it has leveled the playing field. Many automation apps are accessible for meager rates, if not for free.

Say goodbye to overwhelm and welcome to extra time in your day.

Here are six productivity tools that can help you get more done in a day:

  1. Create an e-signature

As an independent contractor, you most likely communicate with your clients by email or text message, depending on the nature of the relationship. However, there are still forms that must be sent and signed.

WPESignature is a valuable, straightforward platform that allows you to create a contract, add custom fields, and save it as a PDF if needed. You collect your clients’ signatures and feel comfortable knowing that the service is UETA/ESIGN compliant, which means it adheres to strict US and European document-signing rules.

  1. Make the most of your apps

This productivity tool is the mother of all productivity tools. Zapier automates the communication of all your apps, tools, and devices, so you don’t have to.

You can, for example, instruct Zapier to generate a new Trello card whenever you start a message on Slack.

It can update a spreadsheet when a SurveyMonkey response is sent, create a note in Evernote when you add a task in Asana – the possibilities are limitless depending on the apps you use.

The most excellent aspect of Zapier is that you can run up to 100 zaps per month on the free account. If you find yourself using it more frequently, you may upgrade to a premium account to get more zaps, tasks, and sophisticated automation.

  1. Make your invoicing process more automated.

You probably don’t want to spend two hours a day being freelancers generating invoices for your clients, whether you’re a freelance writer or a self-employed accountant. This application will handle your invoices, collect payments, and assist you in project management.

If you are prone to losing track of your billing schedules, And Co can assist you in ensuring that you are never late on submitting an invoice or making a payment again.

It can also help you with tax preparation by automatically tagging, reconciling, and categorizing your expenses.

  1. Have your proposals written for you.

Another duty that most freelancers despise is writing proposals for potential clients. Submissions don’t always result in business, so it can be tough to justify the time spent on them – yet more reason to automate your busy work and boost your productivity.

Fortunately, free programs such as Google Docs allow you to design proposal templates that you can reuse. You can also explore the template library and utilize one of the pre-existing project proposal templates.

When your proposal is complete, just SMS or email the shared link to your prospective client.

  1. Have reference links redirected automatically

If you’re freelancers blogger or other form of online writer, you almost certainly use links in the majority of your writing. Inserting a hyperlink may appear to be a simple operation, but if you do it frequently during the day, it may become boring and time-consuming.

The Linkify Text plugin may be useful if you use WordPress, whether for your own freelance website or for another firm.

This plugin allows you to select keywords or phrases that will be automatically linked to predefined URLs whenever they appear in a post. You may also enable the plugin for comments, make them case-sensitive, and restrict it to only create one link per post.

  1. Emails can be paused and scheduled on the go.

Let’s face it: we’re all guilty of squandering time sending and responding to emails when we should be doing something more constructive. ​​Email Scheduler for Gmail and Inbox Pause are two apps you won’t want to miss out on if you’re a scatterbrain or a procrastinator.

Right Inbox allows you to plan all of your critical emails for the day at once, rather of having to do it throughout the day. This way, you can schedule your tasks, close your email, and forget about it until it’s time to check for updates.

Inbox Pause, on the other hand, lets you choose when you want to be notified about new messages in your inbox. When the number of unread emails on the other tab continues to climb, it can be difficult to focus all of your attention on a task with a deadline.

By using Inbox Pause, you will not see new messages until it is appropriate for you to read, respond, and act on their contents.

Being freelancers can be immensely fulfilling because you have no one to answer except yourself, and you can often spend the entire day in your jammies.

However, tremendous power comes with great responsibility, and it can be tough to focus when there is no one nearby wondering where your tasks are.

By utilizing these six tools, you will be able to boost your productivity by automating more of your day-to-day busy work without sacrificing time that you could otherwise devote to your clients.

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