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6 Reasons to Use The Brite App to Plan Your Day

Knowing what to do each day is essential if you want to constantly work toward reaching your big goals and aspirations. Many people struggle to achieve their goals because they lack adequate time management, not because they lack the ability to. Fortunately, having a more productive day has never been simpler. There are many apps that may assist you in doing just that, and Brite is one of the most underappreciated ones. Are you unsure about what the Brite app is? Do you want to know why you should use it to manage your day before creating an account? Good news: We’ll discuss both topics today.

What Is Brite?

A relatively new productivity app is called Brite. There are numerous elements in the tool that will assist you know exactly what you need to perform each day. You can add countdowns for deadlines and other significant events, as well as rapidly describe chores that require your attention.

Brite includes additional capabilities outside daily planning tools to assist you in maintaining concentration. For instance, you can use a variety of productivity techniques, like the Pomodoro approach.

Why You Should Plan Your Day With the Brite App

Now that you are more familiar with Brite, let’s examine the benefits of using the app to organize your day. Here are seven of the main justifications for thinking about giving it a shot.

1. Divide Work and Private Tasks

Many people are okay with adding work-related things to their to-do lists when preparing their days. You could find it harder to maintain consistency when it comes to adding things you need to do in your personal life. In addition, compiling all of your tasks—both personal and professional—into one long list might make things feel extremely demanding.

You can segregate tasks for professional and personal use in Brite, which is one of its most beneficial advantages. On your dashboard, there will be two tabs, one for each of them. Brite will generate checklists for you to check off as you go after you’ve added the tasks you need to complete to your to-do list.

2. Use Fewer Apps

You’ll come across a number of amazing productivity apps as you start to construct your productivity system. And while it’s important to make sure you cover all the bases, you should also make an effort to cut back on the amount of apps you use. It can be exhausting to switch between them, which will make it more difficult for you to focus on your work.

The fact that you won’t need to utilize as many apps as you did before while using Brite to plan your day is arguably its best feature. It has a daily calendar, to-do lists, and note-taking space. You can also use Brite for timers and a lot of other things. Don’t worry if you’re unsure about what to include in your productivity system. We have a guide that examines the kinds of apps you require to have an effective day.

3. The Free Version Has Lots of Useful Features

Brite offers a premium subscription option, however you might not need to pay more. Why? Since the free edition offers many of the most practical elements you require to properly manage your day.

You can add numerous items to your to-do list each day with a free Brite plan. Also, you have the option of scheduling future chores. Also, you may take notes using Brite’s free edition, and you can add a number of widgets to the app to make it easier to access key features.

Also, you can use the free version of Brite on several devices. The following pricing options are available if you choose to upgrade to Brite’s premium edition:

  • Pay monthly: $4.50/mo ($54/yr)
  • Pay annually: $39.48/yr

4. Keep Track of Your Long-Term Goals

While daily management is important, having long-term objectives to work toward helps keep you motivated when you need it most. Writing down what you want to achieve in the future is a smart approach to make sure you keep to the goals you set for yourself.

You can keep track of your long-term goals with the help of a number of features in Brite. You may schedule deadlines for when you’d like to complete certain tasks, for instance.

The ability to track your progress as you complete more information on the app is another excellent feature of the Brite service. You may, for instance, go back and read your journal entries to see how you were feeling on particular days and see if there are any factors you need to get rid of.

5. Choose Task Priority Levels and Difficulty

Many people have a lot of things to finish each day, notably students and knowledge workers. Some, nevertheless, are more significant than others. For instance, doing research for a future thesis will need far more effort than just answering emails.

You can utilize your daily mental bandwidth far more effectively when utilizing Brite to plan your day. You can select the priority level of each task on your to-do list using the app: high, regular, or low. The degree of complexity of your jobs is another choice you have.

6. Improve Your Time Management

Calendar time blocking is a well-liked productivity trick. Because not everyone finds success with it, many people look for time-blocking solutions. Whichever method you choose to increase your productivity, you must manage your time somehow.

You can find some useful tools to make better use of your time if you utilize Brite to plan your day. You can use a timer to check how long it takes you to accomplish each task you create. You may set the Pomodoro timer in Brite to run for one to 25 minutes. Once the countdown has begun, you can stop it when you’re ready to take a break.

Brite Is Worth Checking Out if You Want to Organize Your Day Better

There are several daily planning apps available, but Brite is one of the better ones you can use. You’ll discover a great selection of features that will increase your productivity, such as greater control over how you categorize your assignments. Additionally, upgrading to a subscription plan is not always necessary in order to utilize the app efficiently.

If you’re looking to stay more productive and use fewer apps, consider signing up for an account and trying Brite. As you tick off your tasks each day, you can keep the tool open in your browser.


Source: makeuseof.com


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