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6 Steps to Become a Freelance SEO Copywriter

Copywriting is a type of literature that attempts to persuade or convince a reader that a specific product or service is worthwhile. While SEO copywriting is the process of creating material that Google understands and indexes it. It can be an answer or provides relevant information to search requests. So, a freelance SEO copywriter  must able to write something with attempts to persuade target, and the article material must be indexed by Google.

Even if you have no prior experience, you may become a first-rate freelance SEO copywriter. Here are five simple steps to get you started.

  1. The Art of Persuasive Writing

One of the most appealing aspects of copywriting is that you don’t need a formal education to make a successful living. Some of the world’s highest-paid copywriters do not have a writing degree. To be successful, you must, nevertheless, develop some skills.

Persuasive writing is a skill that takes time to master. Read as much as you can to understand the ropes and get ready to become a copywriter.

2. Keyword Research

Before you begin writing, you must first decide on a topic. That is why keyword research is essential. You’ll want to target certain keywords that are relevant to the established specialty of your website and have minimal competition

3. Develop Your Writing Skills

A copywriter is much more than a writer. Copywriting necessitates a high level of adaptation and flexibility. A copywriter is a salesperson as well as a behavioral psychologist. Being a skilled writer does not guarantee that you will be a great SEO copywriter.

You’ll need to learn a variety of skills related to writing material for various media. You’ll want to learn how to write captivating headlines, landing pages, sales emails, video scripts, and other things.

4. Writing on Your Portfolio

The next step is to work on your portfolio while practicing the skill of persuasive writing. The only way to improve is to practice. All of the copywriters who are currently making six figures were once amateurs. Write as much as you can, even if it’s horrible; this is the only way to improve.

5. Get your First Client

Go get small and cheap jobs to get experience. You can write an elevator pitch to your desired client once you have a good portfolio and enough experience. Cold pitches and networking, both online and offline, are other methods of gaining clients.

6. Choose Niche

Experts in their field of expertise are often hired by high-paying clientele. As a newbie, you may find yourself writing a variety of material for several clients. During the process, you’ll notice that you’re drawn to a particular style or topic.

There are numerous options, including:

  • Plugs for televisions
  • Advertisements on social media
  • Emails
  • Public relations campaigns
  • Publications
  • Billboards

Being a specialized freelance SEO copywriter allows you to do more work in your particular sector.

Talking about SEO also means keyword research, as SEO copywriting focuses on the content development process. It is  ensuring that it provides maximum value and readability for both Google and regular users searching for information.  Therefore SEO Copywriting combine the art of persuasive writing and also  keyword research.

Source : GoBanking , SEM


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