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7 Apps to Manage Freelancing Business Easily   

Become an independent freelancer is same like having a business without tangible asset.  Actually, freelancing is quite easy to start.  You can start create your freelance profile on Flexgigzz or other freelancing platform and apply for the projects. However, if you have a certain target from your freelancing business you must manage it well.  You can try these 7 Apps  to  Manage Freelancing Business Easily   

1. Wave Accounting  

Manage money is important as the business as well, that’s why I put accounting app as the first one of 7 Apps to Manage Freelancing Business Easily. So,  if you need  accounting software  to manage your money, you can use Wave Accounting. Wave is a Cloud-based invoicing, accounting, payroll, payments and personal finance application for freelancers and entrepreneurs. Specifically, it’s for people running businesses with 9 employees or less.  Alternatives Apps : QuickbooksFreshbooks 

2. Trello  

Trello is a free, online collaboration tool that’s organized by boards, lists and cards. Think of a Trello board as a whiteboard with the name of your project as its title. A ‘card’ is an item on your list  you can drag around and many things with it. You can also attach files, images etc. to each card and add as many people as you want on board for collaboration 

7 Apps to Manage Freelancing Business Easily 

3. Slide Share  

With Slide Share you can upload and share presentation online.  Freelancers need to show what they do and how they can help their clients achieve the results they want.  To help you with that, you can use Slide Share.  You can even embed the presentation on your website and include it in your online marketing efforts. Alternative Apps : Prezi 

4. Contactually  

You can maintain your relationship with client with Contactually. It helps you keep those relationships alive. Contactually  can sync your email, phone and communication history.  You can Simply import a spreadsheet and more to ensure your entire network is in one place. Easily share contacts with colleagues. Alternative Apps : Nimble, Insightly  

7 Apps to Manage Freelancing Business Easily   

5. Mailstrom  

Mailstorm is a free app to clean up your email inbox from unnecessary email subscribe.  It also helps you clean up your Inbox in just a few clicks. It alsocan  shows you whose emails you ignore the most.  Alternative Apps: Sanebox 

6. Bidsketch  

Whenever  you need to create proposal in a short time, you can use Bidsketch.  BidSketch helps you create well design and organized project proposals. Bidsketch ahas pre-built templates and landing pages, electronic signatures and personal branding. Alternative App : Proposable  

7. Dashlane  

Dashlane is an app to manage your password. You can have 16 username and passwords to keep track of.   Dashlane doen’t store your master password. You’re the only one who has the password to their account. That means if you lose your Dashlane password and you have no back up notes, it will be disaster.  

So, have you ever tried or use one of the apps on the list ? tell us your experience and review on comment ! 

Source: Hongkiat  

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