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7 Fast-Growing Industries in Freelancing

2020 delivered more substantial changes to all industries than any other year in recent memory.

Another reason supporting the expansion of freelance industries is that many workers believe that freelancing provides greater flexibility. This is especially important given the increasing uncertainty of living with Covid-19.

All of this has resulted in a considerably more diverse freelancing landscape and many new roles for freelancers. Here are seven industries expected to increase through 2021 for persons wishing to transition to working independently or freelancers to extend their portfolio.

1. Book Keeping, Finance, and Accounting

Currently, many large firms are using freelance accountants. However, one of the field’s strengths is that firms of all sizes, from corporations to small businesses, require the numerous services given by a competent financial expert.

So, whether you are a CPA looking to go it alone or someone who has been doing tax filing as a side job, the market for freelance accountants and financial experts will be plentiful.

2. Customer services

The Covid-19 pandemic hasn’t decreased the importance of outstanding customer service; in fact, it’s increased it. This year, several businesses have prioritized their customer service divisions.

While customer service jobs were typically full-time roles within a designated department, organizations increasingly turn to freelancers to satisfy customer support demands. In recent months, there has been a significant surge in demand for freelance customer service employment.

3. Digital Marketing

In 2021, marketing consultancy will be another lucrative field for freelancers. It is also one of the most profitable areas of the freelancing economy, with marketing strategists earning up to $100,000 a year.

Many businesses outsource their digital marketing needs to people other than their full-time employees, with 22 percent of social media activity managed by outside labor.

4. Therapy

Nobody should be surprised that the need for therapists is increasing. After such a trying year, more and more individuals appreciate the lack of a good therapist.

Most therapy or counseling positions would necessitate extensive training and, in some circumstances, a higher degree. This is not for people wishing to freelance as a side hustle. Still, it is a terrific direction for individuals to make a career shift into a happy and essential sector with fantastic potential freelance opportunities.

5. Recruiting and HR

As working remotely has become more common in many of our professional lives, the opportunities for remote and freelance HR and recruiting work have grown significantly.

Freelancers in this profession offer an outside view and the flexibility to work on a project or a temporary basis. Many businesses turn to freelance recruiters who are experts in their field and focus on assisting clients in finding talent to meet specific needs.

6. Technology

Cybersecurity positions will be mostly in demand, as cybercrime has increased by 600% since the start of the Covid-19 outbreak. As malware and ransomware assaults and network security breaches become more common and complex, so will the demand for cybersecurity professions.

7. Real Estate

Despite all of Covid-19’s financial issues, several sections of the real estate industry grew. Because of lockdowns, stay-at-home orders, and high Covid infection rates in larger cities, many people have turned their attention to single-family homes in rural and suburban locations.

The rise in remote employment is expected to be a driving force in the real estate industry. As more individuals can work remotely, they will no longer have to deal with long commutes, allowing them to consider house ownership outside large cities.

Whether you’re a long-time freelancer or hoping to abandon the 9-to-5 in favor of something more flexible finally, you’d be doing yourself a massive favor if you concentrated your efforts on one of these burgeoning businesses. Good luck with your hunt!

Source: Forbes


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