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7 Tips for Freelance Web Developers on Marketing

Every day, successful businesses rely more on technology, with web developers and programmers in great demand.

Companies across various industries increasingly utilize game applications, chatbots, interactive websites, and other technology innovations. Because of the increased demand for technology, web developers have become a key company asset. According to current figures, web development is anticipated to rise 13 percent by 2028 in the United States alone.

But, with such a high demand for web developers, how can businesses afford to keep a full-time team of programmers on hand in this day and age? The answer is straightforward: most of them cannot afford such a luxury, but they may employ a freelance web developer for a specific assignment. As a result, even if competition in the area is increasing rapidly, current freelance web developers have many prospects for success.

Freelance Web Development Struggles

Working as a web developer can be demanding and stressful at times, but it is even more for freelancers. This is because independent web developers focus on generating high-quality goods while also running their successful businesses.

As a freelance developer, you will be responsible for all aspects of marketing, sales, administration, bookkeeping, and invoicing. Not to mention the time it takes to locate clients, establish a personal brand, conduct your marketing research, and so on.

But don’t panic; freelance web development is well worth the effort and can lead to a lucrative profession. Furthermore, it provides a slew of advantages such as increased flexibility, work-life balance, and the ability to work on intriguing projects from beautiful locales.

We’ve compiled a list of simple steps you can take to properly advertise yourself as a freelance web developer and outstanding land contracts.

7 Self-Promotion Strategies for Freelance Web Developers

1) Create a résumé that focuses on projects.

A resume without a solid portfolio is useless for a freelance developer. Use a flexible resume structure, and include material that reflects the specific job/project requirements. You should make an effort to provide a decent description of your work experience, talents, and traits, but don’t forget to back this up with real examples of your work — many of them!

Create a complete, structured online portfolio with links to your projects — this is an excellent method to showcase your work. Write about each project you worked on, both as a freelance web developer and as a full-time employee, and describe the results or benefits your input produced for your client/employer. After all, actions speak louder than words, and displaying your work responsibly is a beautiful marketing tool.

2) Recognize and capitalize on your strengths.

Specialization and in-depth abilities in one or two areas are the most significant ways to stand out in the global freelance web development business. Good knowledge and expertise with Kotlin, OCaml, and JavaScript frameworks, for example, boosts your competitiveness and visibility to customers. This will assist you in gaining clients who are looking for persons with specialized skills.

More generic full-stack programming skills, on the other hand, will provide you access to a broader choice of projects. Startups and clients in the early stages of product development are more inclined to seek someone whose talents meet all of their expanding requirements.

This includes front-end knowledge (HTML, CSS, JavaScript), languages, back-end frameworks, server infrastructure, DevOps, etc.

Interestingly, hybrid specialists are becoming increasingly more appreciated and can hope for better job opportunities than niche specialists because they possess multiple skills.

3) Begin a professional blog.

Begin writing about what you are strong at, answer client concerns, cover hot subjects in your posts, and share your experience with other developers. Guest author on other developers’ blogs and share your knowledge in developer forums. This will allow you to demonstrate your enthusiasm for web development and your mastery of the subject.

The disadvantage of blogging as a developer is that many computer people struggle with creative writing, so gaining confidence and your unique writing style takes time and effort. Subjecto has several excellent examples of creative writing. Make sure that your articles are not only instructive but also entertaining. It’s also a good idea to double-check what you publish to avoid misleading your readers.

4) Make use of social media

Tweet your articles and retweet other people’s work that you like. Check to see if your LinkedIn profile is up to date. This is frequently the first place recruiters look, so be proactive and highlight your achievements there. Starting a YouTube channel and sharing your professional knowledge and ideas easily consumable way might also be an intelligent smart option.

5) Use the internet to make professional relationships.

Self-promotion should be your go-to tool if you wish to work as a full-time freelance web developer. You should learn how to make contacts on networking sites such as LinkedIn. Engage with your other developers, coworkers, and clients by commenting on their articles and posts, participating in discussion groups, sharing articles, and so on.

Nonetheless, the sheer volume of noise in the freelance web development industry and the high level of competitiveness make it challenging to maintain a consistent flow of freelance assignments.

As a result, you should ideally be developing profiles on online freelance sites and talent networks to assist you in finding excellent freelance web development tasks and being employed by top organizations. Flexiple and Toptal are two excellent sites for finding freelance coding work.

6) Gain offline “field experience.”

Participation in developer communities, such as hackathons and workshops, is critical for networking with other developers, learning about new technologies, and working on interesting, relevant projects.

Participate in meetings and conferences such as Microsoft Build, QCon, and DeveloperWeek. Prepare to talk about your interests, discover new things, share your knowledge, and try to steer them to your internet channels.

Even in our digital age, face-to-face communication is still crucial and can help you locate clients, so it should not be underestimated. The cornerstone of your freelance business and the key to success is making new contacts and connections.

7) Seek feedback on your efforts.

Obtain referrals from other developers and clients who are pleased with your work. Don’t be embarrassed to ask clients (especially those you accomplished an exceptional job) to promote you to friends and colleagues. In exchange for referrals, you might offer them discounts on future services. Finally, favorable testimonials will contribute to your income.

Ready to go?

It is not easy to begin a freelance web development career. Keep up to date with the latest tools and techniques in addition to working on a project and increasing your technical expertise. You must also build an online picture of yourself to attract new consumers and persuade potential clients that you have the essential talents and abilities to deliver the outcomes they seek. It sometimes appears to freelance novitiates as an impossible endeavor because even experienced web developers may struggle to transition to freelance work.

Hopefully, this article will assist you, no matter where you are in your freelance web development job, in achieving success and being flooded with new clients daily!

Source: Flexiple


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