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7 Ways for Freelance Writers to Use LinkedIn to Find New Clients

Here’s a pro tip if you just have time for one social marketing platform: Make LinkedIn a priority.

It is the only social media network where you can ask, “Hey, do you know anyone who needs a writer?” without being censored or banned.

Setting up your LinkedIn profile should only take an hour or two — simple stuff. After you’ve created your profile, you might be wondering what you should DO to attract prospects and get writing gigs.

LinkedIn content marketing can be a fantastic approach to attract prospects you might never meet otherwise. Companies and editors will not contact you if you do not alter your status since you appear inactive.

What kind of LinkedIn content should you share? To get results, you must be deliberate and execute them correctly. There is a critical initial step to do before you can impress prospective clients on LinkedIn. Let’s begin there.

How to Make the Most of LinkedIn as a Freelance Writer

Before you become too excited and start posting odd stuff on LinkedIn, remember to keep your eye on the prize. We’re doing this to attract and engage with our target clientele so that we can get hired.

Freelance writers frequently post and share on LinkedIn about…writing. However, this attracts other freelance writers rather than your clients.

The most effective strategy for content marketing on LinkedIn is to focus on one top industry specialization that you want to promote the most right now. Then stick to your guns.

Consider your goal. Perhaps they are the editor of a health newspaper or the marketing manager of a technology firm. Make an image of them in your mind.

Begin by imagining their most pressing issues. What is it that keeps them awake at night? You want to produce content that will cause them to stop scrolling and click. They must have the necessary knowledge.

So here are our top seven recommendations for writing LinkedIn content that generates interest and leads to a job:

1. Talk about your writing career.

The fundamental to social media marketing is that individuals don’t want to hassle with sales pitches. They want to mingle!

Status updates are an excellent location to convey news about your freelance writing career. Here are several examples:

  • Finished a big client project
  • Changed your headshot, writer website, or logo
  • Looking for sources for an article
  • Got new home-office gear or co-working spot
  • Have a marketing or writing-tool questions
  • A new piece you wrote just came out

These are all excellent things to post on LinkedIn. They don’t yell, “Please, please hire me!” They simply keep placing what you accomplish in front of your relationships in a discreet manner. If they hear of someone in need of a freelance writer, you’re likely to be at the top of their list.

2. Get on the Pulse

LinkedIn has its blog, did you know? It’s called Pulse, and it’s open to (unpaid) contributions.

I understand that writers writing for free is not ideal. However, it may be worthwhile to occasionally post on Pulse because of the platform’s vast viewership.

Even better, your most recent Pulse post is featured on your profile page. Until you come up with a new one, you can make one Pulse post every year, and your profile will continue to seem beautiful, attracting readers and comments.

I’ve seen writers receive between 6,000 and 10,000 views on appealing Pulse posts. Reading your work exposes you to a large number of potential clients.

3. Obtain a visual

What makes people stop scrolling and pay attention to your material on busy social media sites? Interesting images. It’s worthwhile to spend a few minutes browsing your favorite free-image site for something eye-catching.

4. Caring is demonstrated by sharing (and commenting).

One of the best parts about earning exposure on LinkedIn is that you can do it even if you’re extremely busy. If you don’t have time to generate LinkedIn content, simply pick the week’s most intriguing posts for your target client, spin it into a brief post, and you’re finished.

5. Be unique.

While curating and sharing other people’s material might help you establish yourself as an experienced writer, generating your unique content adds even more credibility.

Because all of our writing clients expect us to offer something that will set their publication or business apart, generate highly original, must-read content on LinkedIn to demonstrate that you can do the same for the client.

6. Begin spreading the word

There is a solution if you are frustrated by the lack of a straightforward approach to gathering email leads from the material you post on LinkedIn.

Begin publishing a weekly or monthly newsletter. Then, build a link that takes them to your author’s website, where they may subscribe and download the entire issue.

7. Learn about hashtags and how to use them to become famous.

Twitter may have developed the hashtag, but LinkedIn has entirely appropriated it. LinkedIn now provides hashtags for all of your content. Make use of them! Hashtags establish simply sortable channels that assist readers in finding what they are looking for.

It’s always a confidence booster to learn you’re trending — because trending indicates a larger audience, not just your contacts, is more likely to find your article.

Create a LinkedIn marketing habit.

Keep up the updates and articles on LinkedIn after you get started! Commit to posting at least once or twice a week to maintain your name in front of potential customers.

What more can you do to expand your LinkedIn audience? Continue to send and accept new connections.

Many writers have stated that once they reach 500 connections, LinkedIn begins to show their posts to more visitors, and they also see an increase in inbound connection invites.

Try publishing some relevant material on LinkedIn that your ideal client might be interested in reading – and see what happens.

Source: Life of Writers


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