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7 Ways to Overcome Procrastination for Freelancers

To complete your freelance job on schedule, you must devise and follow a defined plan of action. That’s easy to say but far more challenging to do without procrastination!

With some tasks, you frequently lose inspiration; with others, you may come to a halt. Furthermore, as a freelancer, you are susceptible to burnout.

Even the best productivity software can’t help when this happens. In a nutshell, your creative process looks like this when you start procrastinating:

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So, how can you refocus on your assignments and advance as a freelancer? We’ve put together some pointers to help you deal with your procrastination problem in this article.

Use Timeboxing

Timeboxing is a technique for limiting the amount of time required to complete a task. Parkinson’s Law is something you’ve heard of. We use as much time as we are allotted to complete the assignment, according to this law. It means you can paint a wall in two hours or two days, depending on the deadline you choose.

To use timeboxing, divide your workday into time slots dedicated to a single job, such as a virtual meeting with a client, conducting the initial phase of research, or reviewing a report. Set a timer to avoid going over your allotted time when it comes time to put your strategy to the test. Also, remember to take a short pause between jobs that last more than 30 minutes.

Practice Mindfulness

Mindfulness practice can help you understand more about when you become bored, overwhelmed, and start delaying. Over time, mindfulness activities will help you recognize thoughts and feelings that are detrimental to your productivity.

Acceptance is a critical component of mindfulness practice. It aids in the management of perfectionism, which is a trap that we all fall into as freelancers. You can accept and beat your inner critic faster if you learn how to tolerate mistakes with mindfulness.

Even a few minutes of meditation every day will help you improve your ability to listen to yourself and tackle your negative or critical thoughts, which frequently hinder productivity.

Prepare a plan for the day.

Finishing assignments on time isn’t the only aspect of freelancer employment where we procrastinate. Some freelancers who wish to expand their portfolio and revenue put off taking on new jobs.

For example, they have an old portfolio on freelancer websites that they do not update. When some potential clients send a message or want to connect, their email response time is too long for them to be considered viable project partners.

If you are putting off expanding your client base, you should seriously consider it. If you don’t have an entire pipeline of projects, developing your brand should be one of the top priorities on your to-do list.

Keep an eye on how your project pipeline evolves. For example, you can use a sales CRM to track which projects are almost finished and whether you have additional projects in the backlog that you can begin working on later.

If your project pipeline is depleted, consider increasing your activity on an online platform or creating your own inbound lead production machine.

Make invoicing more convenient.

Paperwork is something that every creative mind despises. You must deal with invoices and taxes after gathering yourself to complete a project on time.

If you don’t have a regular bookkeeper or accountant, you need to educate yourself on what your invoice should include and when to deliver an annual statement. Some freelancers continue to use Excel or Word templates to create invoices.

Set up a Pomodoro Timer

Pomodoro is a productivity tool that allows you to work in 25-minute increments. Instead of devoting hours to completing a task, you divide your time into small increments.

Let’s look at some recommendations for adopting the Pomodoro technique to overcome procrastination.

  1. Break down large undertakings into manageable steps.

Do not work on the same task in multiple Pomodoro sessions. You won’t notice any progress over time if you do it this way. Divide extensive activities into manageable chunks and complete each in no more than one Pomodoro session.

  1. Complete tiny chores in a single Pomodoro session.

If, on the other hand, certain things take less than 35 minutes to accomplish, pick up a few additional more minor chores and do them all in a single Pomodoro session.

  1. Schedule breaks in between sessions.

Remember to take a five-minute break once your timer goes off. It’s tempting to keep working on the tasks after the 35-minute session has ended. That, however, is not how it works. Make some notes on where you finished so you may return to the assignment later.

Reward yourself more

By rewarding oneself for completing the work, you can create pleasant emotions associated with accomplishing it. That is how our minds function! Your brain correlates task accomplishment with a positive reward and encourages you to strive for higher goals in the future.

Every day, jot down your three most significant accomplishments and give yourself a modest reward. A reward can be anything you can think of, such as a delicious cup of coffee or a soothing bath. You can even establish prizes for more significant accomplishments, such as taking a vacation or purchasing a new computer.

Done is preferable to flawless.

Instead of polishing each activity such that you never complete it, do what you can at this time. If you want to receive more projects through your website, don’t anticipate spending $10,000 on a high-end website. Begin with a website builder and develop it yourself. When you receive more work through this channel, you may want to consider making some changes to the website’s performance or design.

Now it’s your turn.

One of the most significant difficulties that can hinder your success as a freelancer is procrastination. However, by following a few simple techniques and employing the right tools, you may reclaim your focus and enhance your productivity day by day. So go ahead and do it!

Source: Freelance Union


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