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8 Interview Strategies for Freelancers to Land the Job

Growing your freelancing business can be more complex than beginning as a freelancer. As more organizations become acquainted with remote work and begin to rely on a worldwide pool of freelancers, freelancers must meet specific conditions to work from anywhere on the globe.

The interview procedure is a vital element of getting the job. That’s when you transform from a nameless face on a list of possible freelancers to your entire colorful, beautiful personality. These eight-pointers can help you ace the interview and enhance your chances of success.

Examine your work-from-home setup.

Clients not only expect prompt responses to emails, but they may also request ad hoc video conferences to fine-tune the plan as needed. They anticipate virtual meetings to deliver the same results as traditional in-person meetings.

During the interview, you must demonstrate that you are well-prepared for these types of scenarios and that you understand technology. Nothing is irritating than losing sound or having a cluttered background during a crucial conversation with a prospect!

Here are some brief pointers to help you prepare for a video interview with potential clients:

  • Avoid low angles – keep camera eye-level or higher
  • Choose a neutral background
  • Adjust microphone levels
  • Minimize network disruptions
  • Test Wi-Fi before the call
  • Use a good camera (an external one is usually better than a built-in)
  • Sit near the window or a light source
  • Don’t mix light sources (natural light and lamp)

Maintain a professional appearance.

Clients’ first impression of you is formed by various touchpoints they have with your brand before the interview.

They normally conduct extensive research on your social media, portfolio, and personal website before inviting you for an interview. They might even ask persons you’ve worked within the past what they think of you as a professional. You can’t change that recruiters perform these background checks, but you can influence how they perceive you.

Take, for example, a logo and professional branding. When your prospects begin searching for mentions of you online, you may make a solid first impression by investing in a high-quality personal website and branding.

Pay attention to the prospect.

When most applicants arrive for an interview, they instinctively begin talking about their previous experiences. They frequently start with “I did…” or “I had…”

It is critical to explain your background. However, your experience is not the main focus of the interview. Recruiters are more concerned in how you fit in with their project objectives.

That is why it is equally crucial to listen to your prospects about their project objectives, timeframes, and needs.

Every freelancers should be able to sell their services. It has been demonstrated that the best salesmen can listen and allow their prospects to speak more freely. Sixty-nine percent of success is attributed to listening to a prospect’s wants. 

So, the next time you go in for an interview, take some time to ask your prospect questions and try to grasp their pain spots, requirements, and ambitions.

Conduct your research.

When I was looking for freelancers copywriter for the first time, I wrote a job posting, published it, and the following day – “Bang!” – my inbox was inundated with over 60 applications. What wouldn’t a project manager be delighted to have that many resumes to pick from?

However, in that situation, and most likely in the majority of others, the majority of candidates would have sent the same application to hundreds of organizations without even looking into the prospect’s profile.

While you do not need to spend hours preparing for interviews to impress your prospect, you should set aside 15-20 minutes to review the project and make some general observations and ideas.

You can use this strategy to stand out from the crowds of other freelancers.

Display a faraway culture fit

Remote employment has already been ingrained in the culture of many businesses. If you are applying for a completely remote project, there is a reasonable probability that your future client will want you to demonstrate the necessary skill set for remote cooperation.

You should demonstrate during the interview that you are not new to asynchronous communication and that you can work well from home.

A genuinely efficient remote freelancer can do the following at a minimum:

Excellent organizational and planning abilities

You should discuss your strategies for checking all the boxes with your plans, whether using the Pomodoro technique or another productivity paradigm.

Keeping everyone informed

When working remotely, everyone must be aware of task status and should be able to follow progress effortlessly. Tell us how you’re using the tools at your disposal to complete this task, such as the Kanban framework, subtasks, notifications, and so on.

I don’t anticipate a response right away.

If you are going to work with people from different time zones, you must consider their vacation time. Mentioning this will help you gain additional brownie points with your prospect!

Concentrate on your relevant previous experience.

A less skilled and experienced freelancer may be picked for a project in specific instances. The candidate’s industry experience is one of the few elements that can affect the company’s decision to hire such applicants.

Previous experience working in the pharmaceutical sector is essential when a pharmaceutical company conducts a formal job interview to hire a freelance copywriter.

Because pharmaceutical firms must follow legal laws about what may and cannot be utilized in promotional content, the ideal applicant must be well-versed in this area.

Find a way to relate to your previous experience regarding your prospect’s industry while preparing for an interview with your option. Rather than detailing every part of your 10-year career, it is advisable to concentrate on earlier tasks you have completed for a similar business.

Display your portfolio.

When a potential customer looks through your portfolio, they can get a sense of your level of competence and what they can expect from working with you.

Another thing that a portfolio might help with is building trust. It is also an excellent tool for developing a value proposition.

Looking at a designer’s previous work might give you an idea of what style, complexity, and domain the freelancer has previously worked with.

However, this is not limited to graphic designers. If you are primarily interested in SaaS copywriting, you can organize your portfolio visually by building a separate presentation that includes screenshots, links, and supporting photos. Make this paper available to your clients both before and during the interview.

Make it simple to see your previous experience.

Spend some time putting together a good résumé that summarizes your experience. Avoid using too much text and attempt to fit all bullet points on a single page. 

While it may not work in every circumstance, brief and to-the-point material is usually more effective when recruiters scan the text rather than reading it in depth.

To construct a resume quickly, you can use online resume builders.

You also make it easier for a recruiter to refer to your experience using bulleted lists, charts, and icons. Because your CV is the first thing, a recruiter will look at before meeting you in person, making it excellent will almost certainly make a good impression on your prospect.

Finishing up

Taking on additional freelance tasks will help you achieve more excellent stability and establish a financial safety net. Hopefully, by following the advice in this article, you will be able to gain the trust of more firms and distinguish yourself from other freelancers when doing interviews with your leads.

Source: Freelance Union


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