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8 Reasons Why Graphic Design is a Good Freelancing Career Choice

There are numerous reasons to pursue a career in graphic design. It is a well-paid and well-respected profession. It’s creatively satisfying. And it’s a good answer to offer when people ask you at parties, “What do you do?”

But here at Flexgigzz, we understand the profession far more profoundly and intimately. So we know that this barely touches the surface of why being a graphic designer is so rewarding.

This post will go over the benefits of becoming a graphic designer are likely to be better than you ever expected, and how it is currently an excellent career for creative people to pursue.

  1. You will gain problem-solving skills

The primary difference between graphic design and painting is that it is about solving issues rather than making lovely things.

As a working graphic designer, you will spend the most of your time solving your clients’ obstacles, who could be a company, a government agency, a charity, or an individual.

In other words, as you’re honing your talents in areas like typography, layout, color theory, and so on – you’ll be honing your problem-solving abilities, which will be valuable in many aspects of your life.

  1. It enables you to comprehend how a business functions

To utilize design to solve a firm’s challenges, a graphic designer must conduct a thorough study and learn how the organization runs.

This could include digging deep into data, conducting stakeholder interviews, organizing user testing, and more.

This can frequently provide information about a company that even the top levels of management you were not aware of. It’s excellent material, and it adds another lovely string to your career bow.

  1. The challenges are energizing

As a graphic designer, you’ll be expected to communicate your ideas and vision to the customer, accept criticism and feedback, and work toward a solution that both of you agree is the best one.

If being tossed in the deep end like this sounds extreme, it is. But there’s no need to be scared since, with the correct preparation, you’ll see it as an exciting opportunity to improve your confidence and communication abilities rather than a scary possibility.

  1. You will learn to be an excellent team player

You will collaborate with other designers in addition to working with clients. The good news is that – in contrast to certain other professions, graphic designers are often a kind and supportive group.

Your superiors have all been in your shoes and will do everything in their power to guide you and assist you in advancing your talents.

As you go from junior to middleweight to a senior graphic designer, you will become a part of that culture and begin assisting, teaching, and leading the next generation. It’s a virtuous loop of mutual support, and it’s one of the most pleasing aspects of working as a graphic designer.

  1. You will be at the center of any business

Whether you work for a client at a design studio or for a large corporation as part of their in-house design department, one thing remains constant. As a graphic designer in 2019, you will be seen as being at the center of the industry.

This was not always the case. Many organizations used to view departments like marketing and design as expendable luxuries, the first to be cut when a recession occurred. However, in today’s digital age, innovation is widely seen as critical to a company’s success, and appropriately so.

That, of course, provides a significantly higher level of employment stability than in other professions. But, more crucially, it means that you will be respected for what you do, and the benefits of this can’t be overstated.

And it’s not only about what other people think: you’ll respect yourself more since you’ll be able to see the consequences of your efforts and how they positively affect business. And you’ll be able to applaud yourself on a job well done mentally.

  1. You’ll learn skills you didn’t know you had

You will have studied design principles, from the golden ratio to color, as part of your graphic design study. However, as part of your day-to-day graphic design work, you will pick up a slew of new talents.

These will cover topics such as how to pitch a client and how to write website copy. However, as you progress from project to project, you will gain skills that you would not have predicted. You may need to learn how to design for virtual reality, such as programming a robot or the fundamentals of projection mapping.

In short, you’ll never stop learning and growing as a graphic designer. This never-ending barrage of ‘What next?’ questions can be exhausting. But it will keep your brain always engaged and active, continuously expanding your skillset, and you will never be bored!

  1. It won’t feel like effort at all

Friends and coworkers in other professions will tell you that they often get up on a workday and grumble inwardly, realizing it’s not the weekend and that they have to go to work. But you’re unlikely to hear that from a graphic designer.

Simply said, when you enjoy what you do, it does not feel like work. Yes, there will be difficulties, and yes, you will have awful days. Overall, you’ll enjoy heading to your design studio every day to stretch your creative muscles and create calm, new things. What person wouldn’t desire that?

  1. The world is your oyster

One of the most exemplary aspects of working as a graphic designer – is a clear career path from junior to senior designer, and then up the hierarchy to art director, creative director, and senior management.

Even better, that standard professional route is merely one of your alternatives. Alternatively, you can spend time learning the ropes in a design firm before branching out on your own, either as a freelancer or by launching your own design company.

As a freelance graphic designer, you may work from any location with an internet connection, whether it’s your home office, a co-working place, or while traveling the world as a global nomad. You have the option of working full-time, part-time or doing freelance work on the side as needed.

Of course, you are not required to continue working as a graphic designer. As an experienced and trained graphic designer, you will have a set of transferable talents that will allow you to quickly side-step into a variety of related professions such as UX designer, motion designer or web developer, animator, film-maker, and others. In a nutshell, the sky’s the limit!

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