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8 Unique Freelance Remote Jobs That You Can Try

If you think about freelance remote jobs, you must be thinking about being a writer, developer, virtual assistant, programmer, data entry that’s it. Since the pandemic has revealed that work doesn’t need to be at office and doing office job, many unique freelance remote jobs now revealed.  So, if you want to try have a unique career you can consider below 10 Unique Freelance Remote Jobs as your career choice.  

Life Coach 

You don’t have to be success to be a life coach. Have you ever heard Fuck up night’s global movement? The failure stories and experience of many speakers, and that can be a lesson for many people.  Otherwise, if you have a bachelor degree and years of life coaching experince , you can be a corporate life coach who helps employees set goals, create action plans and unlock their full potential. 

Bartending Instructor 

There’s an online job for you if you know your way around a pub. You’ll teach lessons on how to make cocktails and serve them with style as a mixology teacher. But there is no tips for this.  

Festival Coordinator 

Pandemic and can’t go outside doesn’t mean the festival season are over. The Venice Film Festival must go on. The festival organizer will handle all media inquiries, establish promotional timelines, and keep track of the marketing budget (among other things). You will be very busy on this job.  

Home Stylist 

Not only fashion, home also needs a stylist to make it more homy.   Now is the time to put your interior design expertise to the test. If you’ve ever pulled a room together and your house is the envy of all your peers, you should apply for this work, which describes itself as an opportunity to help clients discover their style and turn houses (bland) into homes (warm, comforting, inviting). 

Unique Freelance Remote Jobs

Property Styling Photographer 

Do you have an interest in photography? Would you like your home’s products to be included in an online magazine? Do you have the imagination to send in photos worthy of the Getty Museum from a brief like “How to Get Out Stains”? If that’s the case, you should look into this opportunity, which will enable you to transform mundane household tasks into works of art. 

AI Chatbot Writer 

You’ve probably interacted with a lot of chatbots without even realizing the scripts were written for them by someone somewhere — and that someone might be you. This job also entails developing and optimizing an AI chatbot, conducting market analysis, and performing quality assurance activities, in addition to creating content for chatbots. It is necessary to have at least a year of coding experience. 

Math Video Tutor 

Many kids hate maths, and the parents are in distress to teach them. If you are good in math and know how to explain it this is your opportunity. This remote role entails making entertaining step-by-step videos that show how to solve a variety of math problems. To be considered for this unique role, you must have previous experience teaching or tutoring students in the subject of math. 

Simulation Specialist 

Have you ever seen an animation character or avatar that move so smoothly? A business in San Francisco is hiring a “simulation expert” who can “puppeteer digital avatars and execute scenarios for the company’s clients.” This one-of-a-kind remote role requires at least five years of advanced acting or improv experience. 

So, from those 8 Unique Freelance Remote Jobs which one that you would like to give a try ?.  You can start create your freelance profile on Flexgigzz.com, create gigs and share it to your social media and colleagues to test the water. There are lot of opportunities that you can do from home, you just need to be more creative and active in to grab those opportunities.    

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