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Become a Better Programmer in Using Automation and Artificial Intelligence

We hear about accomplishments made possible by automation and Artificial Intelligence (AI) in practically every industry. Software development is no exception. AI and automation have infiltrated nearly every level of the software development life cycle (SDLC.)

While AI and automation are growing more advanced, this is not causing concern. Because they’re here to help programmers automate mundane, repetitive coding jobs, freeing up time for the more complicated activities that only human programmers can perform.

This post will look at how automation and artificial intelligence can help you become a better programmer in 2021.

Which AI Applications Have the Ability to Write Code?

There are currently a few AI programs that can write code by traversing and learning from various datasets. Here are a few examples:

  • DeepCoder: Developed by Microsoft and Cambridge University academics, this AI tool can assist programmers in solving simple code difficulties and improving coding efficiency over time.
  • Ubisoft’s Commit Assistant is an AI application that assists programmers in detecting potential problems and preventing code errors.
  • Diffblue Cover: Aids programmers in the creation of unit tests for their programs.
  • IntelliCode by Microsoft: An AI-assisted programming tool that assists programmers by offering code change recommendations. This tool was created by searching through thousands of open source projects on GitHub.

Now that you’ve learned about a few AI programs and their purposes let’s look at how you can utilize them to improve your workflow and general productivity.

How Automation Benefits Programmers

As you might have imagined, AI programs like those outlined in the preceding section can be handy tools for programmers, allowing them to save time and focus on more sophisticated tasks.

Ask any programmer, and they’ll tell you that developing unit tests for their code isn’t always the best use of their time. Wouldn’t it be great if an AI tool generated unit tests for your code while focusing your efforts on creating more exciting and helpful applications?

Similarly, AI tools that can spot possible issues or make beneficial, better optimal suggestions for your code can save you a lot of time. You can use the time devoted to constructing complex application programming interfaces (APIs) or other complex programs that require the touch of a human coder.

Overall, automation is simply a tool that allows you to spend your time where you want to spend it, taking over the mundane activities while you work on the important stuff.

AI and Automation Involvement in the Overall Programming Cycle

Knowing why programmers should employ artificial intelligence and automation is only half the battle. The second half is learning how to use it.

Let’s have a look at how AI working throughout the programming cycle:

Gathering and Analyzing Requirements

Misalignment between business requirements and programming can cost a company a lot of money. If there are any gaps in the SDLC requirements collection and analysis phase, programmers may need to rebuild the entire code.

With AI-powered systems that can assess requirements documents, artificial intelligence and automation can overcome this gap. Such technologies can detect and indicate any discrepancies in the specifications, allowing programmers to eliminate any ambiguities in the requirements before coding.


DeepCoder, Commit Assistant, and Intellicode are tools that can assist programmers in developing small code fragments. The AI tools’ code may not be perfectly logical or syntactically correct, but it can save you a lot of effort and keep you from writing unnecessary code.

Diffblue Cover, a testing AI and automation solution can assist you with the testing portion of the programming cycle. AI can assist you in automating the process of creating and running test cases.

Mesmer is an additional tool for automating mobile app testing. Such devices can be far more accurate and timely in detecting software flaws in applications and making timely corrections.


Deployment is a complex procedure with numerous potential pitfalls. This aspect of the programming cycle can also be optimized thanks to AI and automation!

AI tools can sift through previous code releases and deployment logs to alert you to any potential flaws or errors. In the event of a failure, AI can assist you in determining the root cause of the loss and even resolving it.

How to Leverage the “Software Creating Software” Ecosystem

You may be convinced that the worry of AI taking over programmers’ work is overblown and that AI and automation are here to aid you in your programming careers.

Now, let’s go through how you may begin reaping all of the benefits that AI and automation have to offer.

1. Platform Selection

As previously noted, there are numerous types of AI and automation solutions available to assist programmers through the various stages of the SDLC. So, depending on your needs and commercial requirements, you can select an AI platform.

Diffblue and IntelliCode, for example, provide free trials. You can use them to determine whether these platforms are a good fit for your software development needs.

2. Applicability

Another crucial thing to consider when selecting an AI and automation solution for your programming might need usability. Of course, such instruments cannot be expected to be entirely error-free. You may need to monitor and review the code generated by these tools.

However, you must be careful not to waste more time and energy proofreading the code than actually developing it without using the tools.

You must also ensure that the code complies with usability standards to your business requirements. For example, an AI and automation technology designed for eCommerce fulfillment solutions should consider the eCommerce workflow standards.

3. The Trust Factor

If any AI tool is intended to increase the performance of your code and uncover potential issues, it must be reliable and trustworthy enough to work in these areas. The last thing any programmer wants is to find a slew of problems and flaws after putting their code into production.

4. Safety

You understand the significance of security in software development as a programmer. When selecting an AI tool, make sure it provides the highest level of protection so that you can feel comfortable with the tool accessing your codebase and database.

5. Scalability

Scalability is usually a consideration for most programmers when designing any software product. The same thing for AI and automation solutions. Ensure that there is always room to scale the code in response to changing business and end-user requirements.

Rather than replacing programmers, AI and automation are here to assist them.

Machines taking over humans may be a fantastic premise for a movie, but it is far from reality. The truth is that AI can learn from existing codebases and the data that you provide. However, AI cannot think like a human programmer, drive business choices, innovate, or write complex code.

So you can be confident that AI and automation are here to assist you rather than replace you. Rather than being afraid of AI, you may embrace and adopt it. Investigate the many AI-powered coding tools and how they might help you advance in your profession as a top software developer in 2021.

Source: CodeLance


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