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Become a Freelance Wedding Photographer

 When you feel photography is your passion and want to start your  freelancing  career as a photographer, there is one thing you must make sure. The niche, right, the niche of photography will makes you different from other freelancers.  If you already set  the niche and you choose wedding photography as your niche, you are on the right track to be a success Freelance Wedding Photographer by reading this article.   

Wedding is a happy moment where everyone should enjoy the party either it is a big glamorous party or an intimate wedding.   The bride and the groom have expectation to capture the happiest moment in their life and make it a remarkable good memories. Thus, it  is the Freelance Wedding Photographer job to make sure about it.  Capturing the moments, light, laugh, and tears of joy of the people there.  

Preparing what should you have to be a Freelance Wedding Photographer

Join The Community  

Join the Photographer community, you can  join on Facebook groups, meet  up, follow professional phtographer on Twitter and Instagram. Make yourself surrounded by those senior people, it doesn’t have to be a Freelance Wedding Photographers community. The most important is you can get knowledge and network with other photographers. You can ask questions to them who already got experienced. 

Purchase Equipment

Before you begin working, you must invest in quality equipment so that you may be confident in your ability to do your job as a Freelance Wedding Photographer 

You only need a few items of equipment to start a freelance photography business, regardless of your photography field, including a camera, lenses, and a flash. To take high-quality images, you may also require reflectors, diffusers, and lighting. You can ask the community about the equipment such as lenses recommendation. 

Set up Website 

You’ll need a professional photography website to showcase your work as a freelance photographer. Your website also aids in the promotion of your photography business. Don’t worry if you don’t know much about web design; WordPress makes it simple to construct an online personalized photography portfolio. 

Social Media 

Human is the visual creature, therefore  you must show your work not only on website but also on social media such as Instagram, Pinterest and Facebook.  You can also make a story  on Twitter about your Photo hunting. Pour it all on your social media account, make sure you are stick and consistent sharing about photography thing and add some personal story on it.  

Get Your Client 

Do not expect you will get high fee on the first attempt. Same like other jobs, photography needs skill and skill can be built if you spent some time on it and invest some money.  As a Freelance Wedding Photographer you can work for free at your friends  or colleagues or relatives wedding first. Take some good pictures and put it on your website and social media.   

Set your price

To make your client feeling easy, you can put your price on website. Put also your terms and condition such as transportation to  the wedding venue, the meals, which events that you will cover, and how many photos that  you will deliver. If you  don’t put your  price  on  your website, there is a possibility client will forget to contact your what’s app.  

Build Trust 

There are people who doesn’t feel comfort with camera, especially if they are commoners not a celebrity. So it’s your job to make them feel comfortable  thus the expression of the object can be natural.  How to make your client trust and comfortable with your presence and your photography equipment ?  you can have meeting for few times before the wedding with your clients.  You give them advice and talk with calm tone, every couple are nervous on their wedding day.  Try to understand from their perspective that they want the moment to be memorable in a good way.   

Be Confidence 

You should be confident in your photographic abilities: you are a professional. To be a successful freelancer, you must demonstrate to potential clients that you can confidently perform the job they require. 

Take advantage of previous shoots’ experience. Take note of what worked and what didn’t in various situations. The more experience you get, the more you will hone in on your skills. With each step, you will gain confidence as a photographer. 

We hope you found this post useful in learning the 8 tips  for becoming a successful a Freelance Wedding Photographer.   

Source : enviragallery 



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