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Becoming a Freelance Data Scientist

Data science is a rapidly increasing field. More sectors are relying on technology to obtain and act on critical data, and data scientists are in high demand. Finding a career that meets your needs, on the other hand, can be difficult at times. In these cases, you can look for freelancing job. Freelancing is rapidly becoming a popular alternative for professionals of all types. Fulfilling both market needs you can consider to becoming a freelance data scientist.  

5 Essential steps to make you a successful freelance data scientist 

1. Create an online Presence  

The first step in the process is to establish and maintain a strong internet presence as a freelance data scientist. You will need a website, a job listing, and a LinkedIn profile. 

Make use of your website to showcase your abilities. Put your best foot forward when marketing yourself. Create a portfolio of your relevant work experience and update it as you successfully assist more clients. Remember that a site must be simple to use or visitors will leave. Make it simple for them to contact you and obtain the information they require. 

You can build a Google My Business listing and connect your website and contact information on Google. As a result, a simple search for data science freelancers will turn up your business. Consider how long you want to be open for business and how potential consumers should contact you. 

Then, using the new Marketplaces option, update your LinkedIn profile and offer yourself as a freelancer. This final act will help you cover all of the bases in terms of attracting companies or individuals looking for data. 

2. Learn New Skills as a freelance data scientist 

Data science evolves along with the times. New abilities are required, and you must stay up with the job’s needs. Fortunately, data science is a broad career; you can apply cybersecurity abilities to machine learning algorithms. 

You can also use online classes to learn new talents if you don’t already have them. Lynda has a plethora of courses that will assist you in developing new abilities such as data management in blockchain technology. You can include the certifications on your website to increase your appeal and qualifications for any data science-related employment. 

As a freelance data scientist, you should be familiar with the fundamentals of the field, including statistics, programming, data visualization, machine and deep learning, and software engineering. You’ll also need to be familiar with big data. These skills give you a well-rounded approach to all freelance work. 

3. Work in Various Industries 

Another advantage of this employment is the high need for data science professionals. You’ll discover that tech jobs are in high demand throughout industries, regardless of their emphasis. Travel and banking, for example, necessitate the use of data scientists to safeguard and monitor sensitive information. 

Taking a data-driven approach in the banking sector provides the required transparency for both clients and institutions. With emerging fintechs providing additional financial agency alternatives for customers, such as crypto banking, banks must ensure that all of this control is properly protected. This enables the sector to move forward with more confidence. 

4. Utilize Online Resources 

While you can obtain credentials via the internet, you can go a step farther. Other sites can assist you in networking and making the connections you need to take off as a freelancer. You can use freelancing platform such as Flexgigzz, Upwork and Toptal to create your freelance profile and market it.  

Kaggle is a one-stop shop for acquiring new talents and connecting with a community of like-minded professionals to create a customer base. Data Science Stack Exchange, on the other hand, is a library of forums where data scientists may ask questions and improve their knowledge. 

5. Pay attention to details  

Once you’ve made a job connection, you’ll need to finalize certain information. As you collaborate with a corporation or an individual, consider your hours, contract requirements, and pay rate. 

While you will be able to choose your own hours and duties based on your needs, calculating your income may be a little more difficult. Check with other freelancers to see what they charge, and then adjust those figures based on the assignment and your talents and expertise. 

According to Glassdoor, the average data scientist earns about $113,000 per year. If you convert that to an hourly rate, it works out to a little more than $54 per hour.  

Source : kdnuggets 


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