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Becoming a World Class Freelance Travel Photographer

ecoming a freelance travel photographer is undoubtedly a desire that everyone who travels with a camera harbors in their hearts. The road from having a passion to converting that love into a job and beginning to work as a travel photographer is not an easy one. Especially nowadays, when all it takes to “become” a photographer is a click on Amazon and the purchase of a reflex camera. 

A freelance travel photographer is a professional who is compensated to photograph and film travel-related subjects. Freelance travel photographers can be paid by magazines or hotels, or they can travel on their own and resell the images they take. 

The reality is that becoming a freelance travel photographer is not as easy as it appears on the internet. It takes a lot of effort to turn a hobby like photography into a career and become a digital nomad. Travel photographers who work as freelancers must be self-motivated and entirely dedicated to their craft. 

Many successful freelance travel photographers nowadays are also influencers, such as Instagrammers or YouTubers. From the outside, the influencer lifestyle appears beautiful, but the truth is that constantly creating and curating fresh content requires a lot of energy, time, and effort. 

Independent freelance travel photographers, on the other hand, sell their services to clients and gradually expand their portfolios (and companies) over time. 

Freelance Travel Photographer

Get Started

So, how to get started to be a freelance travel photographer ?  

1. Improve your equipment. 

It is critical to understand that upgrading your equipment does not only refer to your camera! Depending on the type of vacation photography you intend to perform, you will almost certainly need a tripod, flashes, a gimbal, and other accessories. Perhaps even a drone. So, while it may appear to be a lot, be prepared for some start-up and overhead fees. 

2. Website and Social Media  

Make use of these platforms to showcase your work and contact information so that potential clients can find you! 

3. Portfolio  

The most crucial piece of advice is this. You must complete a large number of projects and be full of creative ideas, all of which must be realized even if they do not generate revenue. 

4. Choose a niche 

You can’t be excellent at everything. The greater your specialization, the better. Find something you’re very good at and enjoy, then start working on as many projects as you can in that industry. 

5. Resume 

Create a résumé from the ground up and obtain qualifications. They may not be as useful as in other industries, but they do demonstrate your ability to shoot and provide possibilities to network and engage in exciting initiatives. 

6. Legal Aspects  

What type of business should you develop in order to support your freelance photography career? This changes tremendously depending on the situation and country. Do your homework and build a solid legal basis for your company. 

Earning as a Freelance Travel Photographer  

Until approximately a decade ago, most travel photographers were professionals working for magazines. These photographers were dispatched all around the world to produce reportages on certain sites, and their work delivered remarkable visual stories. 

Because we live in a digital age, freelance travel photographers can earn money from their images in a variety of ways. 

The paths are numerous, but there are four straightforward ways to become a successful and well-paid freelance travel photographer.

Freelance Travel Photographer

1. Travel for free using your photos 

Around the world, there are associations, corporations, organizations, and numerous activities that are always in need of some good images to promote their business. 

You can contact various organizations, hotels, and even hostels to see if they will accommodate you in exchange for your photography! You’ll get food and accommodation, while they’ll get digital content to use for marketing or other advertising and promotional needs. 

2. You can sell the Photos can in stocking or private markets. 

Platforms that sell images are known as stocking sites. A commission is paid to the photographer for each sale. Whoever sells the most images earns the most money. 

3. Organizing photo trips  

Your role as a photo-tour organizer is to take other people on photographic vacations throughout the world and snap images! These kinds of excursions can cost between three and six thousand euros each, depending on who the lead photographers are, so it’s a good market. 

4. Get company as your client 

Companies can compensate you! It could be a hotel, a tour operator, a travel agency, an AirBnB owner, or anything else; the world is full of small travel enterprises that require the services of a photographer. 

It may be difficult to turn your passion for photography into a career, but with time and a strong plan, it is entirely possible. You can start your journey into a freelance travel photographer by creating your freelance profile on Flexgigzz.com now.  

Source : worldpackers 


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