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Best Sites for Free Download Illustrations for Freelance Designers

If you are designer, especially if you are a freelance designer having free copyright resources is just like collecting monster from Pokemon Go mobile game. In other words, it needs an effort. So, here we are going to list down the best sites for free download illustrations for freelance designers that you can try. Well, not all the vectors and illustrations are free, but you can choose you want the free illustrations or the paid one.   

Anyway, a picture is worth a thousand words, beautiful graphics can help your design take on a new life and become more expressive. So, if you’re looking for unique and high-quality graphics, check out this list of best sites for free download illustrations. There are illustrations based on a variety of themes and styles. Furthermore, some of the websites allow you to utilize these resources for free in any commercial or personal project. 

1. Open Peeps 

Open Peeps is a collection of hand-drawn human character images. The most intriguing feature of this collection is the ability to mix and match various body parts such as arms, legs, and facial expressions to create a unique figure. 

They can be used in marketing images, cartoons, user flows, presentations, and storyboarding, among other things. The illustrations are free to download in PNG or SVG files and use in any personal or business project. 

Sites for Free Download Illustrations

2. Humaaans 

Humaaans, as the name implies, provides free human figure images. Something you can use to play with and personalize your character to meet your needs 

You may download the entire library of illustrations and then alter the components into your chosen character using any product design application such as Sketch, Figma, Adobe XD, or Studio. Furthermore, all of the pictures made by this collection are free to use for personal or business uses.  

Sites for Free Download Illustrations

3. Open Doodles  

Open Doodles is a collection of high-quality, extremely fascinating illustrations of humans and animals performing various movements. Each graphic was created by talented designers as a creative doodle, and you can use any of them in your projects or presentations. 

This site’s illustrations are available for both personal and commercial usage. You can also change the color scheme or download them as standalone images or compositions in SVG and PNG formats. 

Sites for Free Download Illustrations

4.  Illustrations.co

Vijay Verma took on a 100-illustration-in-100-days challenge, which resulted in the creation of Illustrations.co. It’s a free library with a massive collection of graphics based on various topics that may be utilized in online and mobile app design as well as presentations. 

Although all of the resources are free to use, you can contribute anything to show your appreciation for the designer’s efforts. 

Sites for Free Download Illustrations

5. Avataaars 

Here’s a Sketch library of imaginative avatar illustrations created by Pablo Stanley. To build the type of avatar you desire, you can mix and match skin complexions, hair styles, facial expressions, clothing, and accessories, among other things. 

You’ll find a video clip on the website that shows you how to alter and customize these illustrations with the Sketch software. The designer asks that you contribute your avatars created on the website. 

Best Sites for Free Download Illustrations for Freelance Designers

6. Absurd.design  

Absurd Illustrations showcases a collection of weird illustrations hand-crafted in exquisite defects, as the name suggests. You can exhibit your thoughts in presentations and project plans with a distinctive style using these topsy-turvy yet emotive drawings. 

Some illustrations on the site demand a paid membership with additional privileges, but there is a package of 15 interesting illustrations that you can download for free in high-resolution PNG format, but you must credit them with their name and URL wherever you use them. 

Sites for Free Download Illustrations

7. 404 Illustrations  

Do you often or ever land on 404 error page? . It is disappointing right ? But 404 Illustrations will make you happy with the cute, unique and creative illustrations. You just need to enter your email adrress, then you will be able to download free illustrations that you can use on any personal or commercial project. 

Sites for Free Download Illustrations


8. Many Pixels 

ManyPixels has a large collection of well-drawn creative drawings that you may download and use for free in any personal or commercial project. Every week, the creators contribute new illustrations based on various subjects.On the website, you can search among the many categories as well as types like monochrome, flatline, two color, or isometric. 

Sites for Free Download Illustrations

9. Interfacer  

More than 300 high-quality and free design resources may be found on Interfacer. There are numerous fantastic illustration packs created in various styles among these resources. You are allowed to download and use these illustrations without giving attribution to the source. 

Sites for Free Download Illustrations

10. Lukasz Adam 

Lukasz Adam is a skilled illustrator that makes gorgeous illustrations based on various subjects. These graphics are open-source, which means you can use them for free in any personal or business project. 

This website’s images are totally editable and cover a wide range of topics, allowing you to utilize them in a variety of projects with ease. They also offer you news when new illustrations are available for download if you subscribe through email. 

Sites for Free Download Illustrations

11. Outlane.co 

Outlane offers a variety of free illustration sets created by some of the best designers and illustrators in the world. Characters and objects, as well as vector stickers based on various themes, are among the illustrations. 

The illustrations are available for free download in SVG or PNG format and can be used in any project. Use them on your website, mobile app, web banners, or print them out; the illustrations’ quality will not let you down. 

Sites for Free Download Illustrations

12. Open Clipart 

Open Clipart is a free-to-use library of thousands of vector graphics and illustrations. Volunteer librarians are in charge of maintaining and improving the quality of the resources on this platform. The illustrations are available in SVG PNG format in small, medium, and large sizes, and can be used in any design project. 

13. Free Vectors  

Free Vectors is a library of free vectors and illustrations that provides a wide range of high-quality free illustrations. The vectors and illustrations are created by artists from all over the world and cover a wide range of topics. 

Any term or keyword can be typed into the search bar, and the website will return as many related results as possible. However, if you use the site’s free illustrations and vectors, you must credit the artist with a link. 

As a freelance designer, have you tried one of those best sites for free download illustrations? Or do you have your favourite Site for Free Download Illustrations?.  

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