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Best Survival Tips For You Freelance Creatives to Follow

Workflow practices to increase creativity and keep you sane.

Mastering the creatives process is one of the most difficult tasks, especially as a freelancer. Juggling all of the administrative tasks that must be completed while also maintaining your creativity and inspiration can soon become daunting.

There is a wealth of information available on design processes, but it is not a one-size-fits-all issue, and it can take many designers years of trial and error to find a workflow that works for them.

However, while you’re figuring out your method, there are several helpful hacks you can employ to keep things flowing smoothly and (hopefully) avoid you from feeling overwhelmed. Here are eight lesser-known workflow practices to help you keep your sanity as a freelance designer.

01. Recognize that you do not always need to be productive.

We’re going to start with this one since it’s crucial – especially if you’re a freelancer. Overworking is a fantastic way to hinder creativity. It’s fine to take the time necessary to develop outstanding design or art, and it’s also fine not to be productive all of the time. Just make sure you finish your work when it counts.

Make an effort not to overload your to-do lists. Instead, make smaller lists for each day and divide your to-do list into manageable chunks. This way, you may feel good about ticking things off and, to the greatest extent feasible, avoid having to roll duties over to another day.

02. Take meditation breaks to recharge your batteries.

To cultivate your creativity, you must first create a free space in your head. Make your mind as clear as your desk (unless your desk is a mess, in which case ignore this).

Guided meditation or mindfulness apps, such as Headspace, can be an excellent method to learn how to empty your mind.

Of course, they aren’t for everyone, and how useful you find them relies on how open you are to the concept already.

A little perseverance and patience can go a long way. Reducing stress and concentrating on your overall well-being will have a tremendous impact on your creativity.

03. Allow your subconscious to do some of the heavy liftings.

Working ahead of schedule and iteratively helps you to harness the gifts of hindsight and reflection while there is still time to make improvements. Here’s an illustration of a workflow scenario:

Work on your project until you reach the moment in the day when you feel you’ve exhausted your creatives juices. Switch to admin or other, less creatively challenging activities at this point (if it is not the conclusion of the workday). Then, the next day, return to your creatives activity with fresh eyes after a good night’s sleep.

Many creatives challenges may appear different after a hiatus, which may surprise you. Often, your subconscious will come up with a solution when you least expect it (if this happens, write it down or send yourself an email with the information if you’re prone to forgetting your brilliant idea).

You will need to add more time to your workflow if you take this route. If you’re working on a tight timeline, it won’t always be achievable. Even if you don’t have time to take a break for the day, try to make the most of these tactics by breaking down your work into pieces and reflecting on your progress along the way.

04. Locate a mentor

It’s easy to overlook this one when you’re in the middle of a project or creatives difficulty, but getting input from coworkers, classmates, friends, family, and so on is always beneficial (the more varied the group you can draw from the better).

Seeking out a mentor or mentor can be extremely beneficial to your personal and professional development.

This is true regardless of where you are in your career — some of the most successful people still have industry mentors, demonstrating how useful this approach can be. Likewise, if you find yourself mentoring someone else, you may be amazed at how much you can learn from them in return.

There are some fantastic online communities for designers and creatives where you may get criticism and/or find a mentor.

Designers from all walks of life, including alumni from the world’s finest colleges and organizations, gather in Facebook groups such as Designer’s Guild and Designer’s Lounge.

05. Increase your creative intake.

It stands to reason that in order to maximize creatives output, we need also maximize creatives input, which we’ll refer to as ‘creatives intake.’ Make time for the activities that bring you joy.

Continue reading. Surround yourself with positive people. Take walks in locations you’ve never been to before. Play some music*. The combination of these factors will allow you to be a prolific creator.

*When listening to music while working, choose something with a slower tempo: studies have shown that listening to music with a tempo slower than 120bpm is beneficial to focus rather than distracting you from the task at hand. Classical, lo-fi hip hop instrumentals or electronic music are all good options. (Are you in a noisy area? Consider using noise-canceling headphones.)

06. Get going!

Exercise has numerous apparent and well-documented benefits for the mind and body, but it isn’t often the first thing that comes to mind when confronted with a creative dilemma. Exercise is an excellent approach to clean the cobwebs from your creative mind.

If you’re feeling artistically irritated, doing 20-star jumps or push-ups will help reset your system and get the blood flowing around your body.

07. Do not check your emails first thing in the morning.

Nothing else can wait until you’ve finished your morning regimen. If you disrupt your waking phase, you risk destroying your entire day before it even begins (think: urgent changes to work, overdue invoices, etc).

After a shower and some meal (at the very least), you will be more equipped to deal with any unexpected, rather than being burdened down by them.

Pro tip: don’t glance at your phone or laptop until you’ve finished your regimen.

08. Clear out your workspace

It’s all too easy to dismiss the influence your immediate surroundings might have on your mindset and creative process. Maintain a clean and organized workspace (don’t be afraid to utilize Post-it notes and other analog methods of scribbling down thoughts if you find that this helps you, for example). 

Make the most of natural light by getting a little plant (a real one!) or decorating your area in a way that is unique to you.

This also applies to your digital workspace. Organize your computer desktop and emails in such a way that working around either of these things isn’t a chore.

If you work from home, keep your work environment as separate as possible from your living space to avoid being sucked into any diversions. It’s worthwhile to experiment with co-working spaces, creative studios, and cafés, as these can help you maintain a clear line between work and personal time. They’re also great venues to meet new people.

Source: Creative Bloq


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