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Build Crystal Clear Communication with Freelancers

If you have a project or building a start-up, hiring freelancers is the best affordable thing to help you.  After you hired the freelancers, now the next step is to build crystal clear communication with freelancers, so the project can be finished on time and in accordance with what you have planned.  

Working with freelancers is similar to working with in-house workers, but there are certain differences to be aware of. Lack of communication is a common issue that make many projects fail.  

You must ensure that you and your freelance workers are on the same page if you are to complete the assignment. So, Here are some basic communication principles to build crystal clear communication with freelancers and help you  work more effectively with them. 

1. Create Communication Rules
If you’ve been working with a freelancer for a while, you’ll have a very good notion of their communication abilities and routines. If you’re working with someone new, however, developing basic communication norms can help you avoid a lot of problems. Therefore, it is important to state your availability.  Especially if you hire freelancers from other countries, for example you live in LA while your web developer in Bangalore-India, then you must create rule when you can be contacted.  

This is why it’s important to set aside times when you’ll both be available online or on the phone. This way, each of you will be aware of when the other is accessible. 

You must also agree on an acceptable delay in responding to emails, such as 12 hours, 24 hours, or more. In the scenario above, I simply told the clients that I couldn’t respond right away, even if I wasn’t asleep at the time. Fortunately, no lives were lost as a result of my delay, but I do agree that sitting by the phone/computer waiting for an answer is inconvenient.

Communication with Freelancers

2. More Communicate in Writing Than Speaking

Indeed, putting everything in writing takes a long time, but it is necessary at least for significant project choices. Despite the fact that speaking is faster, the chance of misinterpretation is larger. Especially if a language barrier exists. 

When you’re on the phone, things can appear to be very clear. When you hang up the phone, you immediately forget what you were talking about. Furthermore, if the other side is dishonest, they can simply get away by claiming that you didn’t say this or that. 

3. No Need for Total Control

Because freelancers like greater independence, be prepared to assign them a work and hear from them once a day or so. If you feel the need to exert complete control over an employee, you’ve either recruited the wrong individual or your management abilities are in need of improvement. 

Of course, you may need to collaborate closely if the project requires it. For example, the freelancer may have project-specific questions that only you can address, necessitating frequent communication.

Communication with Freelancers

4. Reduce Meaningless Communication

Because project communication might be time-consuming, don’t go overboard and communicate when it’s not necessary. 

Make extended Skype calls or Zoom meetings only when absolutely necessary. Freelancers are typically efficiency-oriented; they are not corporate slaves who will sit through a multi-hour meeting just because their employer wants one. These long, pointless phone calls are a complete waste of time

5. Establish milestones and reporting requirements

In project management, milestones and progress reporting are commonplace. These safeguards guard against unpleasant surprises right before the deadline. 

You may not need them if your project is small, but major projects require milestones and guidelines for progress reporting. You can set progress reporting rules at any frequency that works for you and the project, such as at the end of the week. 

Make the time period not too short so that development is slowed, but not too long so that you lose track of what’s going on. Because it’s such a delicate mix, you might want to tweak it as you go. 

If you know how to have effective communication with freelancers and locate the appropriate people, working with freelancers can be highly rewarding. When working with freelancers, you must be well prepared to begin work on the project before hiring them. Communicating clearly with freelancers about your timeline expectations is a smart place to start if you want things to go smoothly.  

Although communication is not a panacea, it is necessary to know how to develop crystal clear communication with freelancers in order to minimize stress, lost time, and lost money when working on a project with them. You can begin implementing the above suggestions to see the genuine benefits of working with freelancers. 

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