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Build Good Communication with Clients as a Freelance Web Developer 

A web developer’s bread and butter is the ever-increasing need for technological websites. However, Build Good Communication with clients as a freelancer might be difficult, especially if you are just starting out. Whether as a web developer, UX/UI designer, or another form of freelancer, practically every freelancer knows a client who wanted to add a “minor feature” after everything was said and done, completely ignorant that the modification necessary may take far longer than the client’s original estimate. Not to mention the fact that it can wreak havoc on the code’s core structure and UX/UI designs.

Setting the correct boundaries and expectations for both parties involved is crucial to build good communication and keeping a successful relationship with your client, whether you are working on a small website for a friend or a major application for a company.

The following is a walkthrough of a non-exhaustive list of processes and practices to remember during the project development life cycle. The focus of this guidance is on the early stages, when the majority of communication with the client occurs.

Part I addresses the cycle’s first stage. It is written from the perspective of a freelance web developer, however the most of the concepts also apply to freelance UX/UI designers, those working at a firm, or even those working on an internal project.

Generally there are 5 Phase of building a website

  1. Analyse
  2. Design
  3. Development
  4. Testing/ Quality Assurance
  5. Deployment

The preceding steps are based on the industry-standard development life cycle methodology (SDLC). Choosing the best project management approach can be difficult because it is dependent on many factors such as the scale and complexity of the project, the client, or working in a team. Other project management approaches, such as Agile or Kanban, may be required depending on the context of the project.

So as a freelance website developer , here are what you should do to build good communication with your clients.

4 Ways to make good communication with clients

1. Make a Clear Strategy

When you begin a new project with any customer, articulating a clear strategy for the future is critical to your relationship with the client since it creates the overall project’s direction and momentum. It is the key to have good communication with a client at early stage. The initial meeting with the client should include a basic review of the project development cycle, outlining why each phase is important and what to expect. This shows the client that there is a flow and makes you appear professional.

2. Pen and Paper, old way to make good communication 

When creating a website, the first step is not to create code but to discuss the discovery process. This entails sitting down with the client and jotting down every thought and inspiration that comes to mind. It’s similar to a brainstorming session in which you throw everything out there, both good and poor ideas. It’s amazing how many companies don’t know what they want, so make sure you cover this ground thoroughly with the client.

3. Get the Ideas from the parties Involved

At this early stage of website development it is critical for everyone to speak up and get on board, especially if working with a larger project involving numerous stakeholders.

When the application is in development, the product owner may, for example, seek the advice of the heads of several divisions. It will be better you collect ideas at the early stage rather than make revisions  after the website  almost finish.

4. Make Sure What Your Client Want

There is possibility your client will change  his mind at the middle of project, and it will make  you in dilemma.  Because if you say yes to your clients request, it will take longer time and cost you more.   If not then you have to  explain to the client in a nice way,  why you can not fulfil his request. Be assertive and firm in this situation, that’s why you need to make a clear strategy at the front.

Source : ironhack


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