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Can Attitude Outperform Talents When it Comes to Freelancing?

Which of the following do you believe is the most significant factor in freelancing success?

A) Experience 

B) Competence 

C) Attitude

While they are all crucial, I believe that C, your attitude, is the most significant of the three for talents. Once you grasp this, competing against freelancers with more experience and talents becomes a lot easier.

And, because there is always someone more experienced out there, I believe it is necessary to spend a few minutes discussing the rationale that led me to this conclusion.

1. Your attitude influences how clients perceive you.

Which of the following do you believe would be most appealing to a client: Is it better to hire a more experienced freelancer who appears uncertain or a less experienced freelancer who seems more confident?

People see you differently based on your attitude, just as the price of wine influences how it tastes.

Consider the implications: A client may like your work and talents more simply because you have a positive mindset!

Have you ever looked at a business logo and thought to yourself, “I would fire that designer”? Perhaps the designer had such a positive attitude that the business owner adored the emblem.

2. A positive mindset is a valuable resource.

People with positive attitudes are a rare breed when compared to those with skills and talents expertise.

The two are frequently inversely connected.

If you have any concerns, go into a restaurant kitchen and see if the most experienced chef is also the one with the most incredible attitude – most likely not!

Consider a class of students acquiring a specific skill: Everyone who stayed and passed the course will have the talent at the end, but do you believe they’ll all have an excellent attitude? Again, most likely not.

As a result, because scarce resources are more valuable than non-scarce resources, a positive attitude can lead to more options for employment and higher compensation.

3. Attitude changes in an instant.

Skills and experience are valuable, but they can be challenging to obtain. Working on your mindset, on the other hand, produces considerably faster outcomes.

Someone who has had a bad attitude for years may not be able to flick a switch and change their perspective simply, but even in that extreme instance, I doubt that most individuals couldn’t change their attitude in a couple of days, weeks, or even hours.

It’s a quick approach to start generating better results, regardless of your degree of expertise or skill.

4. An optimistic mindset increases productivity.

Just because someone has talents and expertise does not guarantee that they will generate excellent work.

Many seasoned and skilled persons are unable to accomplish their jobs properly because their mindset is skewed.

However, if you are eager, fired up, and interested in your work, it is much simpler to accomplish an excellent job – even if you lack some abilities and experience.

On a similar point, having a positive attitude makes learning new abilities faster and easier, so there’s that.

5. Knowledge and experience aren’t everything.

It is a prevalent misconception that clients will only hire the most skilled or experienced workers. But I can assure you that it does not operate that way.

When clients decide which freelancer to hire, whether they realize it or not, they are looking at more than just your qualifications. 

They are also trying to figure out if you will make their life easier if you get along well with their team, follow through on your promises, and other attitude-related factors.

If you want to catch a client’s attention, combine your talents and experience with a positive attitude.

6. Attitude is more noticeable

Two clients may disagree on how skillful a specific freelancer is (or isn’t), but they will almost certainly agree on which ones have a positive attitude.

To put it another way, skills are more subjective than attitude.

You can spend years honing your skills only to have some people despise your work (regardless of how good it is), but everyone will notice if you have a terrific attitude.

Even something as obvious as “years of experience” is more subjective than attitude. That’s because “years of experience” don’t tell you much about a person’s job quality. We’ve all encountered people who have been doing something for a long time yet are still not particularly good at it.

For these reasons, a positive attitude frequently speaks more than even the most impressive credentials.

7. Your attitude has the power to put money in your pocket practically.

A client once promised me a large sum of money to accomplish something that I had no idea how to perform.

I even told him I didn’t know how, but he didn’t seem to mind. He had faith in me to sort things out.

Working with me on past projects had given him the impression that I always had a “can-do” mentality. And that mindset has served me well on numerous occasions.

It may also benefit you.

Finally, some thoughts.

To be clear, I am not claiming that attitude is the only aspect that determines freelancing success.

However, it is one of the most vital, even more, significant than talents and experience.

And the best news is that your attitude is the one thing over which you have the most influence and can modify the most quickly.

Source: Freelance to Win


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