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Compared with women, men find it more difficult in Communicating while remote working

After more than one year pandemic, have you get used to work from home? or do you feel better to go to office? Or maybe you prefer hybrid, a combination of remote work and going to office. Well, while we entering the remote work age, there is something interesting about freelancing.  According to survey, compared with women, men find it more difficult in Communicating while remote working.  Is that true?  

Can’t deny that communication has a crucial role in remote work. During remote work communication solely relies on online platform either chat, call, email or video call which increase the risk of miscommunication. That online communication reduces and often mislead the unspoken communication like intonation and facial expression. So, maybe that’s why compared with women, men find it more difficult in communicating while remote working. While women are naturally easier in communicate or express their emotion and feeling towards other human, while for men it is a bit challenging.  

This spring, FlexJobs interviewed over 2,100 workers who have worked or are working remotely as a result of Covid-19. Nearly seven out of ten women and men agree that more flexible work arrangements will improve gender equality in the workplace. 

More than a quarter of men, on the other hand, believe their professional abilities were harmed by the epidemic, and 20% say remote work has harmed their chances of promotion or progress. Just 17% of women believe their professional skills have diminished, and only 13% believe their chances of promotion have been harmed 

Communicating while remote working

Men were also more likely than women to state that their capacity to collaborate was harmed (39 % vs. 30%), that remote work hampered their capacity to communicate (25 % vs. 17 %), and that managing relationships with coworkers was more difficult (21 percent to 16 percent). It can be understood that men naturally less have chat with their coworkers. While women can spend time chat something that not related to work. Women, on the other hand, were more likely to face technological difficulties while working from home: This was stated by 30% of women, compared to 22% of males.  

According to researchers, remote or hybrid employment could disrupt the male-to-male advantage, which merely adds to the pay disparity between men and women. However, some women are concerned that if more males return to the office and more women choose to work from home, women employees would be overlooked.  

 According to FlexJobs, women (68%) are more likely than men (57%) to prefer totally remote work following a pandemic. Men like hybrid employment 41 % to 30 % more than women. Only 2% of women and 2% of men wish to return to work full-time. 

Employers and employees do not appear to be on the same opinion when it comes to the post-pandemic return. According to FlexJobs, 6 out of 10 women will hunt for a new job if they are unable to continue working remotely in their current position; 52 percent of males stated the same. When it comes to considering a new employment, 80 percent of women and 69 percent of men say remote work capabilities is one of the most important factors to consider. 

While working from home has its challenge, particularly for mother with young children, they enjoy some benefits like no need to commute to office, financial savings, avoid Covid-19 exposure, no need to make up and dress up also avoid office politics. There are 52% of women survey population that see avoiding office politics is a perk of remote work, while only 39% of men said this.   

Communicating while remote working

Working from home is calmer for women than for men, according to 47% of women against 39% of men, and there are fewer distractions for women than for men, according to 39% of women vs 30% of men. 

How about you? What your biggest consideration when you choose remote work vs. Hybrid? Also, what is your biggest problem when it comes to remote work? Do you also have problem in communicating while remote working? Share your experience by leaving a comment.   

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