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Fire a Toxic Client, How to Do It Politely

As an independent freelancer, it’s up to you to decide when it’s time to fire a toxic client. Everyone has different limits on how much a bad client will cost them. Some freelancers will want to keep any customer, regardless of how much pain they cause. Other freelancers, on the other hand, would not put up with the emotional suffering of a toxic clients. So, you might wonder how to fire a toxic client politely without harm your freelancing career? 

Well, you have to know your “breaking point”.  There are some reasons that make client categorized as toxic client.  

Fire a Toxic Client

  1. Disrespectful  

Everyone deserves respect, but some clients believe they are exempt from this law. Some clients think they should treat you like dirt because they are paying you, which is a twisted version of truth. Money is good, but what matters is your sanity. If thinking about your rude client makes your heart pound, it’s time to make a change. 

  1. Doesn’t respect your time  

Typically, 20% of your clients are responsible for 80% of your service time. The majority of clients are fantastic. They are considerate of your time, are aware of the reporting process, and do not attempt to micromanage. However, there will still be a few bad seeds. If you have 20 clients and one of them takes up 80% of your service time, you should fire them. 

  1. Comparing to Other Freelancers 

This isn’t to suggest that a customer shouldn’t have high expectation for your work. When you’re being paid to do something, you can still keep doing it.  However, you should be concerned if the client constantly questions your job and “what you have done for them.” 

These clients will continue to criticize your work, scrutinize your every step, and look for every reason to blame their failure on you. 

  1. Envious Client

There are some clients who are envious of your success. They may, for example, send you an email that says, “These are fantastic results… Why aren’t we seeing these outcomes? What exactly are you doing to help me? ”.  This is not only strange, but it’s also annoying. 

Fire a Toxic Client 

 Now before you start firing clients, you need to consider a few things: 

  • Will you be financially harmed if you lose this client? You should not fire this client if he or she is your only client. However, if the customer accounts for less than 10% of your overall sales, the decision should be easy. 
  • Have you thought about the long-term consequences? Getting new clients is much more costly than maintaining the existing ones. As a result, you must carefully consider your decision. It should go without saying, but you should try to strengthen your client’s relationship before firing them. 
  • Do you have any credible sources for generating leads? If you’re consistently getting new leads, you shouldn’t have much to think about. A better client is still around the corner. 
  • If you have a written agreement? If you have a contract, you would almost certainly need to consult a lawyer. 
  • Did you meet on Freelancer platform? . Then you can ask customer support to help you with dispute  

Now, its time to fire a toxic client politely. Firing a client is similar to terminating any other type of partnership. There will be several questions if you do it correctly, but it will not be chaotic. Whatever their answer is, the trick is to remain respectful and courteous. 

Via Email /Phone / Freelancing Platform  

If you got the client via freelancing platform like Flexgizz, the option to communicate is through chat/ inbox message. If something bad happens, you can contact customer support anyway.  The real problem if you got the client from reference, colleagues or friend. You can do it directly on phone or write an email.  

some clients take offense to getting fired via email. That’s because it feels impersonal. If the client always requests to talk over the phone, then don’t use email.  If you have to write an email, say that how thankful you are work with the client and the opportunity given on the first paragraph. Then you can write the main purpose on the next paragraph and put apologize at the last paragraph.  

It’s never easy to fire a client, but it’s often necessary, especially if you have to fire a toxic client.  Allow no client or person to keep you awake at night. There is no amount of money that is worth your health.  If you are a freelancer at Flexgigzz.com you can reach customer support to help you with the toxic client and resolve the dispute that may arise between you both.  

Source : www.gotchseo.com


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