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Freelance Business Development, What is that and How to do it ?

Freelance Business Development is, as the name implies, an area in which executives, sales teams, and marketing teams collaborate to advance business. It is a specialized field, and business development analysts typically implement sales and marketing strategies for companies. It is a promising field, and with luck, you may even be able to work remotely or on-site.

Whether you are a full-time employee trying to supplement your income or a freelancer looking to work remotely, a job as a business development executive is a luxurious one. Top freelance business developers typically make large salaries. It is a promising sector with several freelance opportunities.

Job as a Freelance Business Developer

Business developers have a wide range of responsibilities; as one, you will be involved in all aspects of an organization’s revenue generation cycle. As a business development, you will be responsible for list building, pre-sales, nurturing, and presenting the final product. It is one of the fields that has increased in prominence since the IT revolution.

  • Extensive participation in prospect identification and segmentation, industry-specific, practice-specific analysis, and successful lead generation
  • Participation that is aggressive from beginning to finish of the Inside Sales Cycle
  • Qualification and lead generating
  • Business Development Prospects Marketing & Strategy Communications
  • Internet Intelligence & Research
  • Client Relationship Management, Account Management, Scheduling, and Pipe Line Development
  • Product Marketing, Marketing Campaign Management

Skills Needed For Freelance Business Development

To have a good chance of succeeding as a freelance business developer, you must develop a wide range of talents and abilities. Business development executives are typically friendly and personable. The talents you’ll need are very comparable to those of marketing specialists. However, you will need the following skills:

  • Sales and marketing abilities
  • Accounting abilities
  • Knowledge of human resources Knowledge of information technology
  • Strategic abilities
  • Data management and analytics research abilities
  • IT Management Capabilities
  • Ensuring Email Quality
  • Management of Projects

Freelance Business Development Salary

Typically, freelance portals provide a variety of payment options. The price is normally predetermined in the fixed-price model. The hourly model is the most common, with employers often paying a set amount every hour. Finally, in the project-budget-based paradigm, such projects are frequently auctioned off. A fixed price model may range from $20 to $200 and up, whereas you must pitch for hourly tasks and budget payments, which typically range from $5 to $35 per hour. Business developers who work for themselves typically earn $21 per hour.

In order to success in a freelance business development area, you must  understand your target market.  Besides that you must also able to sell your service and establish a presence on a social media. You will need to increase revenue, create leads, enhance client connections and drive more traffic to website.

Source : careerlancer.net


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