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Freelance Developers: How to Protect Your Own Program’s Rights

In most circumstances, an investor deal for an IT startup is a good event. The company receives experience, funds, and professional assistance. However, there are certain drawbacks.

Inadequate awareness of the legal side of the issue may leave startup participants—that is, developers with nothing: without copyright, an unscrupulous investor may usurp all rights to their creations.

It’s important to remember that software copyright exists right from the start, as soon as you design architecture, draw an interface, or write a line of code.

We’ll look at the legal issues of intellectual property rights in this essay. As a result, you will be better knowledgeable about your intellectual rights as developers and will be able to avoid potential hazards.

Initial Data

The essential requirement for the business idea is to obtain an investor to fund the firm. When that beautiful time arrives, the financial parameters of the transaction have been agreed upon, and the only thing left to do is sign the forms.

At this moment, you may be thinking: “Today, for developers is simply an idea, but tomorrow it may become a successful firm with multimillion-dollar earnings.”

How can I protect my brainchild, and what should I look for in a contract with an investor whose attorneys have done an excellent job of drafting a slew of ambiguous terms?”

Let us begin with the fact that the software developers is the sole author of the generated product. This is the author’s inalienable and intangible right. The developers may request that their name appears on a copy of a program, game, or other work generated.

At the same time, the developers has the option of not enforcing this in return for more appealing financial propositions, such as increased royalties.

Of course, no one will know anything about the developers, but this may not be necessary. Putting a name to it is more about establishing a personal brand than it is about preserving technology.

But what about the preservation of intellectual property rights? The developers is the original owner. In most situations, it is then transferred to a startup (a newly formed legal business) in which the developers is a participant.

The investor wants to ensure that the founder will not escape with a successfully established business during the contract’s conclusion. Thus the deal may include restrictions for the transfer of the right to develop.

As a result, the scope of exclusive rights transferred to the investor and the following circumstances must be considered.

Proof of Rights

You should consider how to confirm your development rights before engaging in agreements with an investor. The investor may require proof to validate your genuine ownership of the program, and you may also need them if you disagree with the investor.

To avoid losing the right to the generated software, you should first determine whether you have any supporting documentation.

When software is created in countries such as the United States, Japan, Russia, and the European Union, it is copyrighted. To do so, you must confirm the fact, the date of development, and your ownership of the right.

Notarized documentation proving the program’s storage on electronic media is likewise proof of copyright ownership.

The program’s creation date can be established using the Internet Archive WayBackMachine or Google cached sites. You must present the contract you signed when the company employed you to show that the program belongs to your company. This could be:

  • Agreement on alienation of exclusive rights (transfer of copyright in full to the person who acquires these rights)
  • Employment contract (rights between employer and employee)
  • Author’s order agreement (the development is transferred to the customer in ownership unless the understanding of the parties provides for its transfer to the customer for temporary use)

Remember that all contracts must include transfer documentation. The Transfer document serves as the foundation for the transaction’s expense recognition and deduction statement.

The form satisfies all accounting and tax accounting criteria so that you can use it with confidence in your business.

Financial documents that designate the program as an intangible asset on the balance sheet might also indirectly confirm the software copyright. 

This is significant since the significant risk variables are the company and the investor’s personality—is this individual acting in good faith; are they new to investing in IT or a seasoned pro? You must safeguard yourself. Don’t be afraid to experiment with different ways to preserve your merchandise.

Development can also be registered, which is a more reliable manner of showing ownership of rights. The registration process is determined by the country in which you reside.

If you intend to enter the international market, you must apply for international registration in the countries you intend to conduct business.

Additional Security Measures

There are alternative ways to provide proof of design ownership and copy protection. For example, you can indicate your affiliation and the designation in the program code text (it is imperative to carry out state intellectual property registration).

You can also distinguish your code by inserting intentional faults that do not affect performance. It is not legal protection in the traditional sense, and it is not required for execution, but it can be used as proof that one of the parties acts in bad faith.

If your project involves a database, you may wish to incorporate a one-of-a-kind, off-the-shelf object that has no functionality but can be tracked. As an example, consider a non-existent email address.

This will certify that the database copy has been finished. Such steps, for example, will be helpful when signing an agreement with an investor in which one of the terms is not to transfer the source code of the developed application. If this agreement’s clause is broken, it will be easy to track it down.

Consider the Long Term

Consider the long term and adequately protect your work. When investing in preserving intellectual property, it is required to work out a wide variety of legal concerns, study the procedure for finishing the arrangement, and consider the transaction’s substance and effects from all angles.

The two most important things to remember are obtaining the rights to develop by international standards to attract investment and protecting rights before exhibiting the development to an investor.

Copyright and legal issues may appear complicated (or even dull), but they are critical in the business elements of development. By learning how to preserve your program’s rights, you protect your hard work and all of its future possibilities.

Source: Simple Programmer


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