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What you need to know about Freelance Email Marketer

A digital marketer that concentrates on developing email lists, creating emails, and nurturing prospects through written interactions is known as an email marketer. You can do this job as a freelancer.  A freelance email marketer  use email automation software to send out email blasts, newsletters, and other promotional materials.

Freelance email marketer has purpose of growing brand recognition and establishing a company’s position in a competitive market. There is a set list of responsibilities that all email marketers may expect, ranging from using automation technologies to sending emails and even connecting with audiences one-on-one.

Email marketing specialists are responsible for:

  • Developing and executing a wide range of email marketing campaigns
  • ensuring that email design and layout are optimized, user and mobile-friendly
  • Proofreading essential messaging both inside and outside of email templates
  • Graphics requests are sent to designers.
  • Creating email lists
  • Email list purge
  • Keeping email databases secure for future campaigns
  • Responding to emails
  • Making product purchases
  • Making digital advertisements
  • Monitoring and analyzing campaign outcomes
  • Contributing to further digital marketing activities.

To be a freelance email marketer you must have these list of skills, they are copywriting, lifecycle campaign, data analytics, template editing (light HTML/ CSS) , good listing,  and persuasive writing.

Email marketing is crucial since it can drive these results in the most direct way imaginable. Freelance email marketer  create campaigns that promote brand efforts and increase traffic. This allows them to consolidate their position in a competitive market and ensure that their brand sees results in the short and long term. Interested in becoming a freelance email marketer ?  you can  start your journey by creating profile on Flexgigzz.com

Source : campaignmonitor


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