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Freelance Fashion Designer Jobs : A Guide To Fashion Freelancing

So you want to start your career in fashion design as a freelancer fashion designer and figure out how to make some money with your sketches or ideas in a way that you enjoy, but you’re not sure where to begin ? or you want to get Freelance Fashion Designer Jobs ? read this article till end.

Freelancing has a flexible schedule and allows you to leave anytime you choose. However, freelancing is less stable, and you may end up with no assignments for months at a time (no big deal if you got a part time job or any other passive income ways). There will be occasions when you will feel quite lonely because you will be working alone with no colleagues.

Freelancing in Fashion Design

1. Freelance Fashion Designer

You can begin by designing for specific clients, which entails accepting orders from clients, designing for them, making a garment, and delivering it. Create a collection or a fashion line and sell it online or in local shops and stores. Collaborate with event organizers, theatrical art managers, short film makers, movie producers, and celebrities to become a costume designer.

One key aspect of being a freelance designer is that you are only limited to the local market. You can design from afar, but shipping the product to the client costs a lot of money. Skills that you need to be a freelance fashion designer are good forecasting knowledge, great color sense, time management skills and good sketching abilities.

You can also sell your fashion design on some websites like Nineteenth Amendment, Notjustlabel and Shoptiques

2. Freelance Fashion Illustrator

If you have good drawing talents, this is an amazing opportunity for you. Don’t be discouraged if your talents are average; the internet is a gold mine for earning and brushing up. You can work as a freelance fashion illustrator in any field relating to fashion, beauty, or media.

Fashion designers, garment merchants, and boutiques may require the services of illustrators to present their concepts, develop lookbooks, and illustrate runways.

Opportunities can also be found with Indie pattern designers, make-up and apparel related items, packaging, advertising, designing graphics for blogs and websites, and print design at textile houses or tees.

The best part about being an illustrator is that you may work with clients from all over the world. You can also sell your illustration on websites like Threadless.

3. Freelance Fashion Stylist

If you want to have fun, have good communication skills, enjoy traveling, and get along well with others, this is the job for you.

As a fashion stylist, you may work on a fashion show, as a shopping assistant, as a wardrobe consultant, in movies, advertisements, as a photography stylist, and so on.

How to start as a freelance fashion stylist ? Well you can start to style a friend, get tie ups with photographers, become a product stylist, or approach magazine, celebrities and influencer in your area.

Once you started your step as a freelance fashion designer don’t forget to create a portfolio.  You can create  your portfolio on Flexgigzz.com and start share your  Flexgigzz profile with your clients.

Source : sewingnpatterns


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