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Freelance Web Developer Salary in 2022

As a freelance web developer, you have the flexibility to determine your own pricing and work from home. After Covid-19, the demand for remote developer will only grow. Because freelance web developer projects can be unpredictable, determining an accurate wage might be difficult. In this section, we’ll look at the typical compensation for a Freelance Web Developer Salary in 2022, in USA, as well as the best web developer positions.

The annual average for a freelance web developer salary in 2022  is $75,430. Freelance web developers often charge around $60 per hour. The average wage is influenced by job title. The highest annual incomes are earned by senior developers and software engineers.

After some study, it’s safe to say that the average freelance web developer compensation per hour is around $60. When you add the other significant advantages of remote employment, that hourly salary becomes even more amazing.

Freelance Web Developer Salary Based on Experience

While working as a freelance web developer provides you the option to set your own pricing, you must be practical. Based on your experience as a freelance developer, this is the median income from Indeed.

Early Career (1 year) $60,701
Mid-Career (1 to 2 years) $59,554
Experienced (6 to 9 years) $78,797
Top-Level (10 years+) $85,865


According to ZipRecruiter, full-time freelance web developer salary is  $72,208 per year. Many developers work full-time, but we can classify them as freelancers because they work from home. While your initial compensation may not be large, you can easily improve your annual wage by learning new skills.

Glassdoor’s estimate, which is similar to ZipRecruiter’s, implies that freelance web developers earn slightly more: an annual reported pay of around $79,150.

Professionals that opt to work as freelance developers must be familiar with programming languages and practices. The web developer compensation for freelancers is likewise remarkable, implying that you will be able to live comfortably. Because of the impact of Covid, more organizations are looking for remote workers, therefore you may expect a crowded job market.

Source : careerkarma


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