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Hidden Facts and Benefits of Remote Work 

2020 Pandemic definitely will be one of the most important world’s histories after industrial revolution. Because that ultra-tiny thing called Corona virus has revolutionized the way we work. From Office centrist to decentralized, that what we call remote work or work from home.  So, we are going to listing hidden facts and benefits of remote Work as below.  

Cover Letters Still Matter 

Welcome to digital era, where you can see the booming of blockchain, robot technology and yes, we, as human are still use cover letter to introduce yourself. That’s why we put cover letter  on the first list of hidden facts and  benefits of remote Work

Cover letters are still necessary components of your job applications, whether you’re applying for remote, office, or hybrid positions. 

In a survey of 200 hiring managers conducted by ResumeLab, 83 percent agreed that a cover letter might assist job seekers land an interview, even if their resume was less-than-perfect. 

When cover letters are “optional” on an application, 77 percent of recruiters say those that send one get the job. And, as compared to job applications without a cover letter, tailored cover letters result in 50% more interviews. 

Hidden Facts and Benefits of Remote Work 

Boost Romantic Relationships 

You will feel being human when you can feel romance, and this romantic thing is on the second list of hidden facts and unexpected benefits of remote work. According to survey by Flexjobs to 3,900 people shows that having a flexible job such as freelancing and remote working would impact their romantic relationship.

Respondents said that flexible work would: 

  • Benefit their romantic relationship: 64% 
  • Improve their sex life: 64% 
  • Help them be a more attentive spouse/partner/significant other: 80% 
  • Increase time available for dates/date nights: 53% 

Creativity Booster 

There’s a popular assumption that people need to be physically present in order to encourage the kind of creativity and brainstorming that is necessary for company success. However, research has found that where employees work has no effect on workplace innovation. When compared to working full-time in an office, workers who work totally remotely (53 %) or in a hybrid remote arrangement (54 %) are just as likely to say that their teams are just as or more creative by (53 % ). 

Growth Fields 

Certain industries are ready to take the flexible and remote employment market by storm as the economy and employment market continue to improve. Since the beginning of 2021, flexible job listings in these top five fast-growing profession areas have increased by more than 10%: 

  • Virtual Administration 
  • HR & Recruiting 
  • Nonprofit and Philanthropy 
  • SEO and SEM 
  • Bookkeeping 

Increase Health 

Remote employment, not unexpectedly, increases quality of life and promotes both mental and physical health in a number of ways: 

  • Helps individuals in taking better care of their mental health (80 % ) 
  • Reduces their stress levels (83 %) 
  • Extends the amount of time people spend exercising (67 %) Hidden Facts and Benefits of Remote Work 

Money Savings 

It’s obvious that working from home saves money for employees, but how much money can remote workers save? 

According to statistics, the average remote worker can save $4,000 a year! The most significant savings come from eliminating or reducing commute expenditures, which include: 

  • Car maintenance 
  • Car insurance 
  • Public transportation 

Remote employees can also save money by not having to buy work clothing, eating out less, and taking advantage of work-from-home tax benefits. 

Environmental Benefits 

Despite the fact that most individuals are aware that working from home is healthier for the environment, the statistics are startling. 

For example, if 3.9 million employees work remotely at least half of the time, the decrease in greenhouse gas emissions is comparable to removing almost 600,000 cars from the road for a year. 

In 2021, roughly 39 million Americans plan to work remotely, resulting in a reduction of 6,000,000 cars on the road! With anything from 13 to 27 million people working from home in the coming years, commuting kilometers are expected to drop by 70 to 140 billion each year. 

When remote workers make environmentally conscious decisions in their home offices, such as using less paper and keeping track of their heating and lighting usage, they have the potential to have the same influence on air quality as planting 91 million trees. 

The Future is Working Remotely  

Nearly six out of ten (58 percent) of working persons in America were still working from home at least part of the day in March 2021, more than a year after the pandemic began. 

By 2025, an estimated 22 percent of America’s workforce (36.2 million workers) will be remote, thanks to the benefits of remote work becoming evident to both businesses and employees. This is an increase of 87% over pre-pandemic levels!

Source : msn  


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