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How to Attract Good Freelance talents ?

Despite the growing popularity of freelance work, many entrepreneurs are still having difficulty finding experienced freelance talents to assist them. This article discusses how to attract exceptional freelancers through online freelance marketplaces.

Hiring freelancers and virtual assistants is an excellent approach to supplement your team without committing full-time. You can utilize freelancers whenever you need them, and you only pay for what you use. According to data, freelancers account for 36% of the overall US labor. They contributed $1.3 trillion to the economy in 2021 alone, an increase of $100 million from 2020.

Despite the growing popularity of freelance work, many entrepreneurs still struggle to locate experienced freelance talents to assist them. These tips below   will help you attract most skilled  freelancers that you need.

1. Have a Great Client Profile

If you want to attract quality freelancers, leave 5-star ratings for previous freelancers. These positive feedback will demonstrate to other candidates that you are not tough to deal with. Most freelancers worth their salt will avoid your jobs if your profile is littered with negative comments and low star ratings.

2. Make your hiring process simple

Because of their hiring methods, some freelance talents shun particular customers. They need long examinations and interviews, or they post job advertisements weeks before they intend to begin interviewing. As a result, freelancers apply for work and must wait an indeterminate period of time for an update on their applications. Keep in mind that outstanding freelancers, particularly those with specific specialist abilities, most often already have clients lined up.

3. Job Scope

When you submit the job ad, make sure to limit the scope of the job specifications and what you expect the freelancer to provide. Be realistic and consider whether the job can be done by one candidate on a part-time basis. You will not, for example, find a digital marketer specialist with 8 years of experience in social media marketing, Google ads, SEO, content marketing, and public relations. Because that workload entails the entire digital marketing department.

4. Open your mind

When you engage a freelance talents in a specific industry, try not to dictate how they should execute their work. Instead, tell them about your company’s problems and your goals for the future, and be receptive to their suggestions.

5. Contract

Once a contract for the employment is in place, strive to stick to the terms that were agreed upon. If you need to change the task specs, consult with the freelancer beforehand, or advise modifying the fees as a kind of compensation for the violation of contract. This will be appreciated by freelancers and will encourage them to continue working for you in the long run.

Source : Entrepreneur.com


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How to Attract Good Freelance talents ?

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