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How to Get High-Paying Freelance Email Marketing Jobs?

The average email marketing professional earns around $50,000 per year, according to Glassdoor. This figure fluctuates according to expertise and location, starting as low as $40,000 and rising as high as $100,000, and even higher in some areas. So, if you want to Get Freelance Email Marketing Jobs , you can read this article until the end.  

First of all, you must know the job desk as a freelance email marketing, those are : 

  • Managing email campaigns and achieving results through email marketing 
  • Current email marketing campaign analysis and recommendations 
  • Managing trigger email campaigns across the customer lifecycle 
  • Database segmentation and remarketing strategy channelization 
  • A/B MVT, testing Email marketing campaign testing 
  • Tracking and reporting, as well as ensuring that all email campaigns adhere to the most recent Email Marketing trends 
  • Collaboration with the CRM Head 

There are a few abilities that you must have in order to secure a high-paying email marketing job, and I’ll show you the  skills that are fundamental to get get high-paying freelance email marketing jobs.  

1 . Make sure your email will delivered  

The major purpose of an Email campaign is to ensure that your communications achieve their final goal, which makes deliverability a required skill for Email Marketing employment. It is the first thing you must sure about.  If the email is undelivered or got into spam then there is no use to send email.  

ISPs, throttling, MTAs, bounces, span difficulties, bulking, content quality, and other factors all have an impact on deliverability. 

2. Learn how to write an effective list

The most-discussed topic in email marketing and success is having a well-organized email list. Email marketers should be familiar with various subscriber acquisition strategies, such as- Blogging, guest blogging, and lead magnets are all examples of content marketing. 

Social Media Giveaways Webinars Slide-in forms, popups, and top-of-page ribbons are examples of opt-in tools.

3. Social Media Integration 

Web-based Social Media Marketing may help you add endorsers and subscribers to your email list database in addition to boosting your brand and enhancing brand presence. Fortunately, you may build your email list using social media channels. 

Some Email Marketing Techniques Utilizing Social Media Integration- 

  • Use of call-to-action buttons and sidebar apps on your company’s Facebook page 
  • Utilization of Twitter lead generation cards 
  • Making use of your Instagram followers 
  • Snapchat stories are being used to provide sneak previews of emails. 
  • Periscope’s use of email-gated content updates 
  • Slideshare is being used to collect leads. 
  • Using Pinterest to increase traffic

4. Get Subscriber Engagement 

Once you’ve figured out how to attract and engage your email subscribers, you can apply that to any size list to increase its viability. When it comes to providing something to your subscribers, you should be more helpful and deliver on a regular basis. 

When you’ve established trust with your new subscribers, keep in mind why people join and stay on email lists in the first place: they enjoy the pampering you provide. It is critical to develop that predisposition by making them the first to hear all of your new declarations and delivering them exclusive content that others do not have access to. You can also provide them with special offers. 

To keep your subscribers interested 

  • You should segment your email list and offer more relevant information. 
  • In automated emails, you should never lose your personal touch. 
  • You must discover the appropriate “send” frequency, but you must never irritate. 
  • You must channel your email marketing in a conversational tone.

5. Email Marketing Certifications

Google Certifications- Google offers a variety of certification examinations in the Digital Marketing domain, and you may select the one that best suits your talents and become certified. 

HubSpot Inbound Marketing Certification- HubSpot provides Inbound Marketing Certification, which covers many aspects of Email Marketing such as segmenting, targeting, enticing, and converting visitors. 

Those are the tips to make you to Get High-Paying Freelance Email Marketing Jobs. If you are a freelancer you can handle more than clients for the email marketing. That will lead you to get a handsome income.  So, hone your writing skill and digital marketing, also get certification and it will get you Freelance Email Marketing Jobs with good payment.  

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