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How to Lead and maintain Freelance Talents?

It seems that the work from home will not going anywhere soon, since many employees already enjoy the benefit of remote work, they prefer quit the job and become freelancer rather than going back to office again. As the business owner or corporate HR, you might be wondering how to lead and maintain freelance talents?  Give a trust to an outsider is relatively difficult and you will consider the cost to invest for someone who is not your employee.   

So, finding, cultivating, and leading freelancing talent will be a direct outcome of your capacity to drive change, since many analysts project that over half of the workforce will choose to work for themselves by 2023. Thus, you need to know how to lead and maintain freelance talents.  

Hiring a freelancer is very different from hiring a full-time employee. The majority of freelancers work from home. They work with many clients and no matter how much you offered to pay them, 51% of them would not work for you full-time. 

Inside Freelancer’s Mind  

Let’s get insight of a freelancer mind from Stefan Palios. He is a  a freelance writer based in Canada who works with clients across North America and Europe. Stefan would most certainly be your VP of Content if he were full time employed, but he is now one of the 61 percent of freelancers who prefer to work full-time as an independent contractor.  

He actively writing blogs on linkedin when a client contacted him to write a few blogs post as a freelancer.  One client led to two, then as he said, “at one point, I was matching my job income with part-time freelancing.” 

Stefan decided to become a full-time freelancer in early 2019 after 5 years of working for others, a move that is swiftly becoming the norm, with 44 percent of millennials (23-38 years old) and 50 percent of Gen-Z (18-22 years old) already doing so.  

Stafen choose freelancing over a traditional career because he was already able to match his job income with just part-time freelancing. So, he knew that he can make more money by focus on freelancing.  

Rather than stuck with a boss that will mock him and his job every day, he prefers to handle difficult client as a freelancer. Besides there is a potential financial upside when freelancing  

Currently  Stefan has 9 clients and he consistently be on time and on budget with his ideal clients since his livelihood is directly tied to his outcomes and his client’s experience. Stefan focusses himself to client’s outcome but this doesn’t mean he says to yes everyone and everything. Good freelancers are extremely choosy and typically choose a handful of ideal clients. 

Build relation with freelancer  

Stefan basically is an outsider who skipped the recruitment process. So, how will he adjust to the culture of your company? His work is to helping a venture capital firm revamp their website, brand book, and write a few blogs to kickstart their content marketing.  

According to Stefan, “The project started as a “get it done” kind of project, with backend KPIs around our working relationship.” After completion the working relationship didn’t stop. As he said, “after the initial project, we focused on vision – where the firm wanted to go and the kinds of deal flow it wanted – and that naturally led to more content work. 

So, probably Stefan understands more about your company vision rather than a full-time employee that only doing his daily routine jobs.   

Basically, when you already feel comfortable to work with a freelancer, you have built trust and relation with him/her. Thus, it is easier for you to explain the whole idea and break it down.  From the freelancer side, they will keep his client satisfy with his job and since he already knows the job for sometimes, he will quickly understand what to do.   

As you already understand what inside freelancer mind, now it’s time for you to set yourself to Lead and maintain Freelance Talents.   

1. Create a partnership instead of transaction 

Freelancer work in partnership with their clients. Most of them are expert of what they do. So, you don’t need to micro manage them as they already know what they do.  

2. Be Clear with what you want   

There is nothing more annoying to handle than a client that doesn’t know what he aim to. Freelancer needs a clear scope of the job.  It doesn’t need to be an exact scope the most important is the client must have the picture of an end goal of a project.  

In Stefan’s words, one of his clients is fantastic at knowing what they want. Because they share great outlines for blog posts that make it easy for me to understand their core message and audience. From there, I can add style, structure, and tone to actually write the blog itself.”  

3. Pay Them on Schedule  

The Full-time employee doesn’t need to worry about the payment, as there is exact date when they will receive salary.  Same thing with freelancer, they don’t want to spend energy chasing their money from a client. It will help them deliver good result if they are not worry about the payment as they trust you.  

If you have no idea where to hire a trusted freelancer, you can go to and select freelancers and freelance services that fit your need and budget.  Flexgigzz customer support will always help you in finding freelance talent for your business. 

Source : Forbes  

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