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List of Budget Apps for Freelance Web Designers

If you are new into web designing, the process of web designing can be costly and time consuming. As a new freelancer in web designing, you will face some dilemma to choose which app that you will use. The choice is between the powerful machine and lesser software or settle with an average machine so you can purchase more design-related software, but in trade, you suffer for the epic system lagging. Hence, we list down the list of budget list of budget apps for freelance web designers.  

In here we will list down all free windows software that you might need for your web design project. There will be also list of alternatives for your options. So, here are the list of budget apps for freelance web designers, that you need.  

Graphic Editing 

As a web designer you will need a graphic editor software so much, that’s why we put it on the first list of list of budget apps for freelance web designers. Currently there many of graphics editor software released to compete with Photoshop, but the GIMP has comprehensive functionality. 

GIMP will convince you that it is the finest alternative to Photoshop in terms of photo improvement, digital retouching, and file format support. Its crowded UI may appear to be a little confusing at first, but it’s far preferable than the misery of software with fewer functions. 

Vector Design 

Many times, you need to create some perfect shapes, icons, logos and buttons. For vector design you can try Inkspace. With support for the Scalable Vector Graphics (SVG) file format, it has features similar to Adobe Illustrator or CorelDraw. Shapes, pathways, text, markers, clones, alpha blending, transforms, gradients, patterns, and grouping are among the program’s most useful features. Other alternatives are Gravit Designer, Vecteezy and Krita.  

Code Editor 
Code Editor is one of those pieces of software for which you should not spend a penny because there are simply too many excellent code editors available on the internet! 

Notepad++ is your best friend if you’re an advanced coder because it doesn’t have any complicated plugins or features that slow down the execution time and even your computer speed. In a nutshell, it’s lightning quick. 

If you would like to seek coding guidance from the editor, both Komodo Edit, Aptana Studio 3 and NetBeans IDE could be your good master. More alternatives are BluefishRJ TextEdTotalEditConTEXTVisual StudioSublime TextGeany.

FTP / File Transfering 

FTP (File Send Protocol) software allows you to transfer files over a network from one host to another, such as from your computer to a client’s website. You can try Filezilla for that.  

Filezilla not only allows you to quickly explore folders and upload many files, but it also ensures that everything you do in the software is secure. Other alternatives are WinSCPCyberduckFTP RushCore FTP LiteFree FTP.  


Great amazing ideas can just be forgotten if you don’t write it or take a note of it. So, it’s time to take note for every grasp idea. You can use Evernote for that.  

You may save not only text notes, but also audio notes and webcam notes. The fact that you can sync the papers to other devices running any operating system, including Windows, Mac, iOS, and Android, is quite amazing. Other alternatives are Microsoft OneNoteApple NotesStandard NotesGoogle KeepMilanoteSimplenoteMemonic DesktopAllMyNotesRedNotebookEssentialPIMKeepNoteTomboyWikiPadCintaNotes 

Fonts Management 

Good font will make your website looks clear and easily reach the target. Either it is for sales or public information. Font type is significant to us since it is one of the most important parts that defines the aesthetics of the web design you created. Knowing all of the types on your computer will help you choose the ideal one for your design.  

You can try Nexus Font , it is t is not a font creation tool, but it does present you with a preview of every font installed on your computer, allowing you to study, consider, and select the best font for your design. More Alternatives are  Font BaseGTK+ Font ManagerRightFontNexus FontCfont ProDp4 Font Viewer 

Mind Mapping 

Every website is like a building that has many rooms, functions and features. As a web designer, you want the visitor follow the direction of the building so that they can find what they need. Thus, you need to mind mapping the web,  

A mind map clarifies what you’re doing, what you shouldn’t be doing, and where you may improve. 

Most of the time, we write mind maps on paper with a pen, which is wonderful, but what if you want to take your notes with you wherever you go, or if you want to connect particular thoughts to a website? 

For mind mapping software you can try XMind other alternatives are MindupSmartDrawFreemind 

So, which one is your favourite software from the above list of budget apps for freelance web designers ? You can mention your favourite on the comment, and if you not yet on Flexgigzz, You can create your freelance profile now on flexgigzz.com now ! 

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