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List of High Paying Writing Niches Topic for Freelance Writer

Before we get into the list of lucrative niches, keep in mind that almost any subject can be profitable depending on your skills and a client’s writer budget. The more experience needed to write well on a subject, however, the higher the pay. So, here’s a List of High Paying Writing Niches Topic for Freelance Writer that will pay you well during the pandemic.

1. Finance 

This is where the money is if you would write about financial topics. That’s why we put this topic as the first in the  List of High Paying Writing Niches Topic for Freelance Writer.  In this subject, you’ll need to be meticulous and double-check your facts! You’ll want to add human touches like stories or case studies to potentially dry subjects, but without adding “fluff.” 

You could write for personal finance websites, and budgeting content is in high demand right now. Banks, credit card firms, and mortgage lenders are also more lucrative. They all need you to educate their customers, and many of them have impressive blogs or training materials that you might contribute to. 

Accounting firms, financial planning firms, and investment firms are some of the other possibilities in this vacuum. Your writing skills are required by many of these financial businesses in order to provide valuable information and to assist in the development of relationships with prospects and customers.

High Paying Writing Niches

2. Cryptocurrency / Blockchain

Cryptocurrency and blockchain are two hot subjects in the financial world. Currently it become more popular that’s why we put it on the second row in the List of High Paying Writing Niches Topic for Freelance Writer.  

It requires a fair amount of technical writing and knowledge, as well as a thorough understanding of jargon. However, if you are familiar with blockchain technology and can describe it to others in a way that they can understand, you should seriously consider entering this field. 

3. Technology Writing

To get writing jobs in the field of technology, you’ll need advanced skills. You’ll also be in high demand as a freelancer if you can write in a way that engages the reader in this potentially dry environment. 

You’d be writing about computer and mobile technology. Cybersecurity is already a hot topic, and it will only become more so as more companies go online.

4. Digital Marketing

If more businesses move their operations online, digital marketing firms need content to demonstrate their goods and services to potential customers. 

They are usually looking for in-depth, long-form guides that teach both principles and strategies. 

There are numerous subtopics in this field. Here are a couple to consider,  Content marketing, email marketing, social media, SEO and affiliate marketing. 

High Paying Writing Niches

5. SaaS (Software-as-a-Service)

Companies that offer software-as-a-service must justify their product to potential customers and prospects. They need not only copy for their websites and email newsletters, but also long-form blog posts in tutorial and how-to formats. ConvertKit, for example, has a blog dedicated to helping you get the most out of their software.  

Since SaaS is a profitable (high-margin) business model, these companies can afford to pay you well.

6. Health and Wellness

Writing about health and wellness is a good niche subject in general, but alternative health items are particularly popular right now. You can have specific target like Cannabidiol (CBD) shops, or even cannabis blogs if you are knowledgeable about CBD items.

7. Education

Education and skill preparation are more critical than ever in a rapidly changing world. People seek education and training to improve their skills in order to obtain new jobs or start new businesses. 

Your writing skills are required by online course providers, colleges, and student loan lenders, to name a few potential clients.

8. Real Estate

Realtors may benefit from your writing skills if you want to attract local clients. You might write home buying guides, articles about local laws and ordinances, and even articles about home decor and staging houses for sale. 

So, how to  pick the best freelance Writing Niche for you?  

If  you want to choose a niche that uses your expertise, that you enjoy writing about, and that will pay you well. You must consider what is your area of expertise  or what are you willing to learn about ?. Selecting a niche solely because it pays well should be avoided. Your lack of enthusiasm will show in your writing, and readers will pick up on it and lose interest. 

At the very least, make sure you’re passionate about the topic. Examine what you enjoy writing about or what subjects you gravitate toward when there isn’t a financial incentive. You can try to create a writing sample or article and put it on your freelancer portfolio on Flexgigzz.com to attract clients and make sure there is a market for your writing.  

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