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Make Extra Money as a Freelance Data Analyst

Freelancing is fun, however as freelance data analyst  you must ever think is there any other way  to earn money other than  doing project ?  or maybe you are thinking what else I can do to create more gigs on Flexgigzz? In this article we are going to list down what can you do as a  to get money as a freelance data analyst .

1. Create Chatbot

As a freelance data analyst you are aware of how simple it is to create a chatbot utilizing the cloud platform for Amazon Lex and Dialogflow. You may create a chatbot for local advertising in your neighborhood. It should not be for a wide area because there must already be an app or chatbot for a vast area. You’re probably thinking how silly it is to make a duplicate for the same in the local area. So the specification and honesty of information are the game changers. You can locally review and reconfirm whether the information provided is true or not. Typically, these large-scale advertisement apps do not provide complete and accurate information. Similarly, you might create a recommendation engine for this chatbot to auto-suggest and propose.

2. Blogging or create a learning website

Data science is consider a new thing, therefore it is an opportunity for you because there are extremely few resources in data science. What is presently provided is good, but data science subjects could use some extra high-quality content. We are attempting to develop engaging and valuable information for you and individuals like you, just like we are doing in data science learner. The best thing is that we are also generating money, despite the fact that this is my passion. There are numerous ways to monetise a blog, including Adsense, affiliate marketing, digital courses, and so on. You might start earning money from data science in this manner as well.

3. Collect Data and Sell it

You are aware that data science is founded on the foundation of underlying data. If you are not skilled in data science coding, you might begin by collecting data sets and selling them. You can sell your data set to a prominent website such as kaggle. By making this valuable contribution to the data science community, you may be able to earn money from data science.

4. Global data science completion

There are numerous data science platforms that provide reward money for participation. You can take part by developing a machine learning model for their issue statement. You will be rewarded handsomely based on the result-driven and accuracy measures. The majority of college students begin in this manner and earn money from data science. It is also the greatest option for individuals wondering how to generate extra money as a freelance data analyst.

So how ? ready to try one of them as a freelance data analyst.  Apart from doing project from client,  you can try those things to get extra money.  You can start it when  there is no project or during your leisure time. Have Fun !

Source : Datasciencelearner


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