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Make Money as a Freelance Recruiter

If you are familiar with recruitment and HR interview then you can make a side hustle as a freelance recruiter, and maybe someday you can make it as your own business. Become an HR or recruiter in a corporate won’t make you insusceptible to the great resignation wave. So let’s start your hustle as a freelance recruiter.  

It is preferable to offer quality over variety as an independent recruiter. It will enable you to make a difference and pave the way for you in the world of recruitment. You can also choose whatever niche you want to explore. Many successful freelance recruiters specialized in particular sectors or activities. It will enable you to have in-depth understanding of the sector and provide demonstrably superior service. 

Choose your niche as a Freelance Recruiter 

When you’ve already decided on a niche to which you want to devote yourself, you should be familiar with it. Knowing the field will allow you to evaluate each candidate’s suitability more efficiently. Furthermore, each business has its own set of phrases and language that you will need to master in order to properly communicate with clients and applicants.  

You can choose to be a specialist in finance, fashion, design , art, and the tech industry. If you engage in learning about your area, you will be able to avoid certain scenarios. One of the most common situations is when a recruiter chooses a candidate with good social skills over one with the necessary technical abilities and expertise but is less social. Nowadays, platforms such as Coursera and edX allow you to take a large number of courses in practically any field for a moderate cost. 

Find a client 

Finding clients and looking for prospects will be two of your most significant responsibilities as an independent recruiter. Due to the conditions, it is doubtful that you will be able to contact the clients you worked with as a dependent worker when you begin working as a freelance recruiter.  

There are, however, other ways to find clients. Looking for organizations that are actively recruiting on job platforms like Indeed is one method to achieve this. Then, contact them to offer your services and ask if they want to partner with you. 

The majority of recruiters, both freelance and traditional, utilize LinkedIn to make themselves known to potential customers and applicants. Work on improving your LinkedIn profile and expanding your network. This network will stick with you even if you shift jobs or start a freelance career. 

Freelance Recruiter Fee 

In general, recruiting is a roller coaster of a job. Most recruiting firms are not compensated unless an applicant is hired. While the swings are tremendous, the rewards are substantial when placements are completed. Recruiters frequently earn a commission of 15 to 25% of the new hire’s beginning salary. The average recruiter in the United States earns between $35,000 and $200,000 per year, depending on the sort of recruitment. The disparity in average recruiter pay stems from the two essentially distinct sorts of recruiters. 

Candidates typically pay free for the services of a recruiter, so it doesn’t harm to reach out to recruiters in your region if you’re seeking for work. Simply said, a recruiter is compensated to fill employment positions for businesses. Companies pay recruiters a lot of money, so there’s a lot of pressure to deliver the best applicants. It is vital to have a thorough awareness of the company’s requirements as your client.  

Source : Vitadolar, Evalart 

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