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Mobile Apps Trends for Freelancer to Follow in 2021

In the new millennium, mobile technology advanced significantly. Smartphones have become our loyal friends, as the average time spent on a mobile device has been gradually increasing for years and is likely to continue to increase in the future.

As a result, understanding mobile app trends is critical for any programmer looking to advance their career in the app market and provide fantastic experiences to end-users. So, let’s look at what this year is expected to bring to the mobile app market.

Services on a Subscription Basis

Subscription-based business models have been around for a while: Netflix, Spotify, and Google Workspace are just a few examples. We’ve all heard of them, and it’s no wonder they’re doing well.

What will happen now is that additional companies will follow suit and provide access to their product through a subscription-based model, maybe even in industries we don’t expect.

As a developer, you will be in high demand if you learn how to implement subscription-based services. In this regard, we propose paying special attention to the financial, media, and entertainment industries.


The arrival of 5G technology will have a big impact on mobile app development trends in general. According to Statista, the global number of 5G connections is expected to reach 1.1 billion by 2025.

Mobile app developers must pull up their socks to embrace this cutting-edge technology since it greatly improves connectivity—up to 1 million devices with 5G!

Artificial Intelligence and Machine Learning

It’s no surprise that artificial intelligence will have a huge impact on mobile app development in 2021. Smart gadgets can profit from AI without draining their processing power thanks to cloud computing, which has contributed a significant amount of the strength required for constructing AI models.

Clients can gain more value and boost their engagement with the platform with the help of AI and ML. This example may provide you ideas for using AI and ML to translate your company’s or your own expertise into a product.


Not everyone is aware of Blockchain, which records proof of ownership, confirmed transactions, contracts and keeps this data to make it extremely difficult or impossible to modify or hack such a system. All records are referred to as ‘blocks,’ implying that these blocks are created in the manner of a linear and chronological ‘chain’ of data.

Blockchain technology’s future focus will most likely be on anti-piracy, protecting public elections, transparent betting, robotics, and Blockchain as a Service.


Wearables have already made a big impression on customers. They are available in the market as smartwatches, smart jewelry, display gadgets, and so on. The best thing about such wearables is that users may interact with them through smartphone apps.

Nonetheless, with IoT, they can manage the devices from afar as well. In 2021, we may see new concepts for wearable app apps, such as mind-reading glasses, virtual assistants in contact lenses, virtual keyboards through nail varnish, and so on.

Augmented Reality

Fortunately, the technology has grown and continues to show increasing promise for incorporation into many firms’ day-to-day operations. We may already add a background image and create it to disguise the clutter of working from home, often without even getting out of bed.

AR, for example, is assisting merchants in improving their brand positioning by increasing customer involvement. The more customers interact with the goods, the more enjoyable their buying experience. Furthermore, with the help of AR apps, consumers may scan things and obtain additional information about them.

The Internet of Things (IoT)

The Internet of Things is increasingly transforming our environment. This powerful technology is also one of the closest people, influencing how they interact and even how they live.

Smart home automation will undoubtedly be the most visible area of IoT influence. Smartphone users are increasingly using apps to control their home electronic gadgets. According to projections, about 50 billion of these IoT gadgets would be in use worldwide by 2030, resulting in a huge web of interconnected items ranging from smartphones to kitchen appliances.

Technology of Beacons

Beacon Technology employs Bluetooth Low Energy signals, and when your phone enters a beacon zone, the application receives the signal and provides users with suitable notifications and guidance.

For example, a customer discovers a dress online but wishes to try it on in person. On the route to locating such clothes in stores, the app on your phone displays the stores selling your preferred goods, as well as their prices and characteristics.

Developers can capitalize on this trend by including beacon-based projects in their portfolios. The technology has enormous promise for both corporations and engineers.

Folding Display

Folding Display is one of the most important mobile app development trends on which mobile app development companies should concentrate their efforts. This trend may continue in the next years as curved displays gain popularity among users and businesses embrace innovations that provide better design solutions.

Mobile app developers would face a huge difficulty as a result of the folding display. It will have an instantaneous adjustment in the size of the screen dependent on user activities. Mobile applications should be customized to fit the screen.

App Clips

The main idea behind app clips is to allow users to explore and even utilize a program without downloading it to their device. The number of people who choose apps over websites geared for e-commerce or restaurant and grocery store delivery is growing.

Together with the prevalence of post-pandemic behaviors such as contactless purchases, mobile payments, and mobile wallets, this fact will undoubtedly affect the evolution of the App clips feature. This feature is unquestionably one of the most important mobile app trends for 2021.

What trends are you going to follow this year?

The trends listed above are undoubtedly worth watching, as they are expected to be among the top app development trends in 2021. It goes without saying that all mobile apps must be secure, resilient, and, above all, scalable.

Of course, these are not the only changes, as the technology sector is rapidly adapting to the post-COVID era, developing a slew of innovative solutions to improve our user experience and overcome the constraints imposed by global quarantine.

On the bright side, this is a positive development. Though the pandemic is, hopefully, nearing its end, technology will remain and improve our future.

Source: TechNo


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