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Overcome Your First Bad Review From Client  

 Bad review can have a big impact on your freelance career. While 5-star reviews are fantastic, there is no disputing the power of negative evaluations. If you are  new to freelancing and get bad review from your client, it must be shocking for you.

A freelancer may have done everything necessary to complete the client’s tasks, but some clients are unwilling to appreciate the efforts made. People that feel misled end up submitting a negative evaluation for the freelancer.



Here are some additional reasons why clients may give bad reviews  regarding the freelancer:

  • There is no communication between the freelancer and the client.
  • No timely delivery of ordered job; no internet presence from the freelancer
  • Project that was not mentioned in advance and was delayed
  • The freelancer was paid in advance but did not complete the project properly.
  • Error-containing deliveries
  • Work progress is slow.
  • Failure to deliver on the contract’s terms

To avoid getting bad review as a freelancer, you should  communicate those above points with your client.

However, since there are clients that hardly to satisfy and maybe there is a miscommunication that makes bad review is unavoidable. So, here are how to handle  it.

1.     Explain politely to the client and ask to change the Bad Review if Possible

Some freelance marketplace can do it in certain times for example in 14 days. While others can’t do it because it will affect the credibility of the platform.   Thus it will be depends on the platform and also the client.

2.     Ask for  Bad Review removal

Sometimes a dispute is unavoidable during the completing task and it can leads to the bad review from client.  However, if you are  into dispute with client you can ask Flexgigzz customer support to help you and if Flexgigzz find that you are in the right position, you can ask for bad review removal.

Written communications from an employer acknowledging work you submitted that they suddenly claim you never sent could be evidence. Alternatively, the freelancer you worked with may claim to have been in constant communication with you throughout the project, but you have evidence that they haven’t emailed you in weeks.

3.     Write A Response

If you’ve tried and failed to have an unfavorable review removed or amended, there’s only one thing left to do: respond to it.

It’s worth emphasizing that, if you have the opportunity, responding to feedback, whether positive or negative, is always a good idea.

If you believe you have been given a testimonial that is an inaccurate depiction of what happened when you worked with a particular partner, you have the right to object.

Keep in mind that if you choose this path, you must be diplomatic. After all, whatever you say will be visible to prospective collaborators on your profile.

4.     Learn from it

If there is nothing else that can be done, it is time to accept and ignore the circumstance. At the end of the day, you know your own personality and what you’re capable of at work—and that’s all that matters.

Consider the entire incident a learning curve and move on. It won’t be long before you find new collaborators who will respect you and recognize your value.

Every freelancer has to cope with both good and bad review. As a freelancer, you must already have sufficient experience working with clients to deal with them productively. We are all aware that dealing with negative reviews takes time and money; it can make it difficult to be enthused about your business and make you want to create excuses rather than focus on your work. You must accept that every freelancer receives negative feedback, but how you respond to it can make or break your online reputation.

Source : websiteplanet , blog.drjobpro



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