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Programming Languages for Freelance Game Designer, What to Learn First?

With so many programming languages to choose from, how does a new game designer-turned-developer decide where to begin and what to learn? Here we are going to lists down the programming languages for freelance Game Designer  

Programming Languages for Freelance Game Designer that utilized in video games are a small subset of the total number of languages used in the world. There are two types of programming that you must put your attention, there are ‘systems’ programming, and ‘web’ programming 

Both are vital, but what you wind up doing will mostly depend on the studio’s focus and in-development titles.  

It’s an unavoidable fact that game designers may be required to do some programming on occasion. This is due to the fact that entry-level designers frequently transfer roles in teams, as well as the fluid nature of game design teams.  

It’s not uncommon for designers to step in and program, freeing up game programmers to focus on more complex projects, just as it’s not uncommon for designers to consult programmers throughout the design process. However, getting started with programming languages for freelance game designer might a bit difficult   

Currently, here are the best Programming Languages  used in game,   

  • C++  
  • Java  
  • HTML5  
  • CSS3  
  • JavaScript  
  • SQL  

All games that you play rely on game programming for their lifeblood and skeleton framework. What about all the wild stuff you can do in the GTA games? Of course, all have been programmed.  

How is programming used in games?  

To add detailed aspects of games, as well as the finalized base product, it takes a team of talented game programmers. Coding is used to make the game a living, breathing entity. Lines of code are turned into fully functional and, in some cases, famous games by programmers.  

How much freelance game designer  earn ?  

It depends. If you are a small time indie game designer , you will be making around $18,500 to $129,500 according to ziprecruiter.   

Systems Programming  

Programming for a stand-alone application, such as a video game that runs on your computer, is known as systems programming. C++ and Java are the most popular languages for game designers to master, however other languages (such as C# for Unity) are also popular. Scripting is a sort of programming that you may hear mentioned, but it is fundamentally the same as systems programming.  

Programming Languages for Freelance Game Designer


C++ has a high entrance barrier (meaning it’s difficult to learn), but the payoff is larger because it gives you more direct control over the hardware and graphics processes (something very important in video game design).  

It’s an object-oriented language, which means it makes use of internal structures to group code into reusable chunks (classes and objects). It is by far the most popular programming language for gaming engines, and some (such as Unreal) exclusively accept data written in C++.  

Because most other object-oriented languages are derived from C++, this is the language to learn if you only have time to study one (so picking them up will be easier).  

Games made with C++  

  1. Counter-Strike
  2. Doom III Engine
  3. King Quest 
  4. Starcraft 
  5. World of Warcraft 
  6. Warcraft III 
  7. Football Pro 
  8. Master of Orion III 
  9. Maplestory 
  10. Invictus 


From printers and microwaves to complicated video game systems, Java runs on everything. It is a dynamic language with several applications, making it an appealing language to learn.  

Because Java and C++ are so closely connected, learning the two at the same time shouldn’t be too tough.  

Games made with Java 

  1. Tom Clancy’s Politika 
  2. Runescape 
  3. Powder Game 
  4. Star Wars Galaxies 
  5. Roboforge  

Web Programming  

Web programming, as the name implies, is used to create apps that run through a browser and have a web interface. Web languages don’t work in isolation; instead, they work together to provide the kind of experience that players anticipate (although some programmers will specialize in just one or another).  

Programming Languages for Freelance Game Designer

Web languages including   

  • HTML5  
  • CSS3  
  • JavaScript  
  • SQL  

The languages HTML5 and CSS3 are used on the web to provide page structure and graphic display components, respectively.  

HTML5 is a strong language that, in some instances, can replace JavaScript. JavaScript is used to make things happen on a page, such as moving elements around. Back-end database work is done with SQL so that players can access their accounts and perform other tasks.  

 Now let’s find out what games that built using HTML 5, here is the list   

  1. Kingdom of Loathing 
  2. Nothing to Hide 
  3. Gods will be watching 
  4. Roll It 
  5. Cookie Clicker  

While the games that built using Javascript are  below  

  1. HexGl 
  2. Sketchout 
  3. CrossCode 
  4. Bejeweled 
  5. Swoop 
  6. Polycraft 
  7. Angrybirds 
  8. The Wizard 
  9. Little Alchemy 
  10. New Super Resident Raver  

Now you already got the picture about the programming language that used in game development. It’s time for you to decide what kind of game that you would like to create and you already know the programming language that you must learn. 

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