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Should Freelancers Reject Low-Paying Clients?

Many freelancers into a dilemma to low-paying clients. Because, on the one hand, they don’t want to lose jobs by charging too high a price, but they also don’t want to be underpaid. That’s the story that many freelancers encounter during their careers.

Every freelancer has had to accept low income at some point (usually in the early phases of their career). It’s unusual to encounter someone who begins a freelance career with high-paying work. That would come much later, after they had already demonstrated their credentials, reputation, and worth.

It is critical that freelancers learn to prioritize low-paying jobs. Such jobs have their own rung on the professional achievement ladder. These low-paying employment serve as a springboard to greater achievement.

More significantly, it prepares you for higher-paying positions. It will also teach you the subtleties of the freelancing industry.

Low-Paying vs High-Paying Jobs

Low-paying jobs allow you to be more comfortable and work with more freedom, whether you are a designer, a writer, or any other type of freelancer. In reality, a certain amount of autonomy aids in the development of your skills.

Keep in mind that low-paying clients are more accommodating, allowing you to learn while you work. High-paying clients are less forgiving since they want high-quality products for the fee they pay you.

High-paying positions are typically reserved for experts, individuals who have demonstrated their abilities and learned their specialty. Those who are now ready to put their talents and experience to the test in highly professional (and occasionally competitive) contexts.

Evidently, getting high-paying jobs on a regular basis is never easy, unless you’ve been doing it for a while and have established your freelancing name and career.

Low-Paying Clients Are Not Bad Either

However, after a freelancer has a few of high-paying clients, many freelancers begin to relax. They ignore their previous low-paying clients, believing that they now have the experience and credentials to take on higher-paying clients.

Then these freelancers are just waiting for next high paying project. Then they start working less and waiting more because they have less opportunity to practice their talents. Some lose their competitive edge and winning characteristics, and worst of all, a lack of work has made them sluggish. That is something that freelancers should be cautious of.

Freelancing is more than just receiving work and making money; it is also about recognizing the beauty of freelancing and the discipline required to be successful. It is also a networked and mutually respectful profession.

So the  conclusion is, not all freelancers are able to secure high-paying projects on a consistent basis is incentive enough for them to work with low-paying clients as well. Therefore it will be better to not abandon or ignore or reject the low-paying clients. Even if you’ve started acquiring high-paying clients, keep working for a few low-paying clients as well.


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