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Soft Skills That Every Freelancer Must Develop for Success

As a freelancer you might think that your skills solely depend on how many projects that you have done and listed on your portfolio. Or, simply certificate programming language or bootcamp training and list of websites, mobile apps, software and games that you have developed.  In this case, we might often overlook the soft skills as something that unnecessary or just appear naturally from our character. Now, we are going to explain the Soft Skills That Every Freelancer Must Develop for Success, because to be success as a freelancer you need both hard skills and soft skills.  

Soft skills allow you to communicate with others efficiently and harmoniously, which is critical if you work as a freelancer. From meeting current customers to pitching new ones, and from handling day-to-day duties to bookkeeping and filing your tax return, we’ve got you covered. So, let’s list down the Soft Skills That Every Freelancer Must Develop for Success.  

  1. Effective communications skills

Communication is not panacea, but most problem and trouble in this world mostly caused by miss communication. That’s why we put it as the first of  Soft Skills That Every Freelancer Must Develop for Success,  because it is the most valuable soft skill in any walk of life and any profession, freelance or otherwise. 

The two most important skills you can work on are writing in a succinct and detailed way and speaking clearly. You’ll be laying solid groundwork for a fruitful freelance career if you can master these two soft skills. 

To speak clearly in front of your client you can take public speaking course at Soho Learning Hub to make you confidence when present in front of client.  

The same materials can be used for writing workshops and other classes. If you can write straightforward and engaging copy as a freelancer, you can use that ability in your pitches and other presentations, as well as in your prospect letters and your own blog. The possibilities for excellent copywriting are almost limitless. 

2. Problem solving skills 

Think about form client’s perspective, why they want to use your service as freelancer?. It is because they want you to fix their problem by using your skill and knowledge.  It doesn’t need to be a rocket science knowledge.  

Problem solving needs logical thought and the ability to pose questions to oneself about a situation. Working through a series of “what if?” situations and seeing what outcomes you get is a good way to improve your problem-solving skills. 

You need to be cool and calm to solve the problem, then you will stand every chance of successfully solving most problems.

3.Positive Approach

It is difficult to maintain a positive attitude, but approaching projects with a positive attitude will help you achieve better work simply because you will feel better about the project. Positivity will assist you in remaining receptive to new ideas. 

It can also help you see your work from a different perspective, which is essential in careers like copywriting, graphic design, and marketing where you are addressing a specific audience.

4. Punctuality

Tardiness will get you nowhere and will most likely result in you losing out on new and repeat business opportunities. You will, at the very least, lose confidence as a result of it. 

As a freelancer, it’s important not to disappoint your customers. If you are late in delivering work and consistently miss agreed-upon deadlines, you risk losing customers as well as causing your client to lose money. As a result, punctuality is critical to freelance success and reflects common courtesy to your clients and colleagues.

5. Organisation

Good organizational skills will assist you with the majority of your freelancer jobs, allowing you to save money, earn money, and escape financial penalties. When you are well-organized, you are more likely to be on time.

6. Teamwork Skills

As a freelancer, you’ll almost always be working on your own projects, so you’ll need to be able to work independently. However, there will be periods when you will need to collaborate with other freelancers or even be forced to work with a company’s full-time employees. 

Teamwork skills should not be overlooked, and any one individual can play a variety of roles within a team. Developing your teamwork skills will help you gain more ongoing ad-hoc and/or retained work for your clients, as well as endear you to them.

7. Flexibility

Flexibility is a valuable soft skill because it reflects the capacity and desire to learn new skills as well as an openness to new tasks and challenges. 

A client may push a deadline forward, or a new client may inquire about a project that you’ll need to fit into your schedule at short notice, necessitating flexibility in your freelance career. 

8. Accept and learn from criticism

Sometimes client’s feedback is so harsh. It can be negative feedback that turn you down. This is when your ability to accept and learn from criticism will be tested from time to time. 

Even if you’re proud of the work you’ve done with your client, they might not share your enthusiasm. They may also believe it doesn’t suit the brief and isn’t appropriate for their clients. 

To accept it, you must open to learning and growing. Thicken your skin, strengthen your mind and level up your skill. Then you will accept and learn from that harsh comment.  

9. Business knowledge 

When you freelancing, you’re working for yourself, which means you’re solely responsible for your business. It’s time to start learning if you have no prior business experience of any sort. 

You don’t need to be an expert in accounting or economics to develop your freelance business, but if you can spot a good business opportunity and act on it, or spot a business risk and avoid it, you’ll be in good shape.

10. Accountability

Take responsibility or accountability. The most important thing to note as a freelancer is that you are responsible for everything you do, every gesture, every purchase, everything you say or tweet, and all of your business finances. 

There is no one in the pecking order above or below you who can assist you. You can hire outside support, but you must also be responsible for it. You won’t go far wrong if you have your responsibility in mind at all times. 

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