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Starting Career as a Freelance Interpreter

If you are fluent in two or more languages and want to help others in your community, you are already on the right track for a career as a freelance interpreter. To work as an interpreter in the United States, you must be fluent in both English and your target language(s). This is to guarantee that your vocabulary, comprehension, and speech flow are suitable for professional interpreting.

However, language proficiency is not the essential requirement for becoming a professional interpretation. Developing foundational interpreting skills (listening, note-taking, etc.) and obtaining the necessary training/certification for your specific field (medical, legal, business, etc.) are both essential in preparing oneself to effectively facilitate communication between non-English speakers and their service providers.

Assume you want to assist limited English proficient (LEP) patients in communicating with their medical professionals. To become a trained medical interpreter, you must first learn your two languages and then finish a minimum 40-hour medical interpreter training course. A 40-hour medical interpreter training certificate is now the industry standard for bilinguals to demonstrate their ability to handle the ethical, legal, and procedural responsibilities of medical interpreting.

Certification for Career as a Freelance Interpreter

Anyone interested in career as a Freelance Interpreter should conduct extensive research to ensure they have the necessary certifications to interpret in their sector of choice.

Other interpreting fields’ common trainings/certifications include:

  • Public Schools/Education Interpreter – Education Interpreter Training for 24 Hours (coming soon from Liberty)
  • Legal Interpreter – Legal Interpreter Training for 24 Hours (like Language of Justice)
  • State Court Interpreter – Certification Exam for State Court Interpreters (administered by each state individually)
  • Federal Court Interpreter – Certificate Exam for Federal Court Interpreters
  • RID Certification for American Sign Language Interpreters

Bilinguals should complete their formal interpreter training before officially working as an interpreter in the field, just as they would finish a college degree or certificate to seek higher level jobs.

If you are living outside the United States, you can follow the regulation in your country. And most important is  you need to get the experience as an interpreter.  To  get client  you can also use online freelancing platform such as Flexgigzz.com  to put your freelancer profile.

Source : libertylanguageservices


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