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Time Tracking Apps for Freelancers Who use MacBook

If you manage remote teams or regularly work with freelancers, time tracking apps help you keep track of your team’s success and keep the payment and work completed separate. Now, we make list Time Tracking Apps for Freelancers Who use MacBook , because many freelancers are MacBook user.  


On the first list of Time Tracking Apps for Freelancers Who use MacBook is Tyme. Tyme, is perfect for people who want to keep track of their time in a simple way. Its success is fueled by its user-friendly interface and intelligent import options. It aids in time management by synchronizing your monitored times and job perspectives through iOS and macOS. 

Tyme has 14 days trial and after that you have to pay $3.99/month.   

Time Tracking Apps for Freelancers Who use MacBook

Billings Pro Time Track 

The second on the list of Time Tracking Apps for Freelancers Who use MacBook  is Billings Pro. It is a time tracking, and invoicing app for freelancers and small businesses. The app tracks all of your billable time through all of your devices, including Apple Watch, iOS, and macOS. It also has clear account management and reporting capabilities for gaining insights. 

Billing Pro provides you with a limited version of the Free plan. A 30-day free trial is also available. After that, you could choose one of its plans: the $5 per user per month Freelancer plan or the $10 per user per month Professional plan. 

Time Tracking Apps for Freelancers Who use MacBook

Caato Time Tracker  

Caato Time Tracker provides an easy interface for keeping track of logged-in hours on Mac. It is targeted towards professionals seeking to monitor their work hours and calculating their billable hours inside macOS. 

The application’s ability to monitor several projects is a key feature. It also helps you to export the tracked time entries to CSV and XLSX formats. It’s a free platform with in-app purchases enabling more functionality in the Pro package. 

Time Tracking Apps for Freelancers Who use MacBook


Timelime, like Harvest and FreshBooks, is one of the most strong time-tracking apps available. One of the most intriguing features is the customizable charts interface, which allows you to select and choose which metrics and observations to display. 

It also has support for several time zones, which is a significant feature. It allows you to enter time and create reports through time zones, which could be useful if your clients and/or team members are located in various time zones. 

It provides a 14-day trial for its macOS application, but not for its iOS app. It’s also available for $19.99 on macOS and $5.99 on iOS.


Timing automates your time tracking and frees you from the hassle of starting or stopping the timer manually, unlike many tools here. It auto-tracks your time spent with apps, documents, and websites during work hours. It helps you get expert insights on your time spent on tasks, helping to boost productivity. Also, you see an overview of your time in its dashboard including calendar events. 

Timing offers three plans: Professional plan costing A$11.5, Expert plan costing A$16.5, and Teams plan costing A$12.5 per user per month for 2-20 members. 

Time Tracking Apps for Freelancers Who use MacBook

So, as freelancer or work with remote team, which time tracking app that you use? Or you never use one of them? Or maybe you already have your favourite time tracking app? You can share your experience on comment.   

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