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Tips For Freelancers to Cope with Insecurities

The taste of achievement in the life of a freelancer is considerably sweeter if they can overcome the onslaught of insecurities that stand in their way. Take a peek into the life of a freelancer, and everything appears to be fine: freelancers appear to work for less than a full-time employee, they appear to sleep a lot, and, most significantly, they receive work depending on their own convenience. But behind that seems laid back life, freelancers must cope with insecurities.  

The truth is that, despite persistent hard effort, not every freelancer succeeds. One reason is that they are unable to cope with insecurities, they have to deal with stress of having insecurities as a key part of their job. Those who rely primarily on freelance work for a living are the most vulnerable. 

1. The Nature of Freelancing  

Nothing is guaranteed in the freelance sector due to the nature of the work. As soon as a freelancer finishes one project, he must begin seeking for another. Because of the fierce rivalry for jobs, each freelancer’s share of the pie has shrunk. To maintain a consistent flow of work and money, it is critical for a freelancer to cultivate a big and diverse clientele from which to draw tasks. It is crucial for freelancers to perform each project successfully in order to gain the client’s trust. A happy customer will return with more job opportunities and surely it will help you cope with Insecurities.


2. Insecurities in losing clients 

Clients might be difficult to deal with at times, regardless of how hard you work. That it is not only important to do things well, but also to do them in a way that impresses your clients. Clients might be difficult to deal with at times. It doesn’t matter how many good tasks you’ve done for them; it just takes one error for a client to quit returning to you. Each client is valuable, therefore give your all in order to keep them. One positive aspect of this uneasiness is that a little fear can be turned into a recipe for success. 

3. Propose new project  

Often you cannot just wait for a project from a client. Such scenarios do exist, and the best thing a freelancer can do is surf the internet for new sources of job prospects. But even this should be done with caution – don’t expand your consumer base too soon, or you’ll collapse due to overlapping deadlines and conflicting requirements.   

4. Fear of not getting paid  

There are numerous situations where freelancers are not paid because the client perceives that the completed task was not what was required or was of poor quality. You may have worked tirelessly on the project for 18 hours a day, but in the end, your efforts go unnoticed and are wasted. If your client has opted not to use your work, there isn’t much you can do about it. A freelancer will constantly be troubled by the concern that if a client does not like the job, he would refuse to pay. To prevent this to happen you can use freelancing platform such as Flexgigzz, Fiver or Upwork. If you use freelancing platform you can complaint or raise your issue about payment to the support team. At least it will make your life easier.  

For freelancers, insecurities will always there. The most successful freelancers are those who learn to accept and overcome their insecurities, emerging stronger than before. In the freelancing world, you must learn to live with and cope with insecurities. 


Source : Hongkiat.com  


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