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Top 5 Skills to Land High Pay Freelance Jobs

Freelancing is no longer viewed as a “side hustle” or a way to supplement your income while you are unemployed. Because many people have successfully landed for high pay freelance jobs. So, you may now work full-time from the convenience of your own home! As technology and simple access to the internet make it easier to obtain online work, over 57 million workers in the United States alone have already made the transition to self-employment. 

As appealing as freelancing may sound, you must first determine which career path is ideal for you and give you high pay freelance jobs before quitting your day job. We investigated every available freelance position to generate a list of the top in-demand skills, so you can find your ideal freelancing employment when the 2022 coming.  

Tech Skills to Land High Pay Freelance Jobs

1. Blockchain and Crypto Programming  

Blockchain is a programming language that maintains and retains cryptocurrency transaction data. Unlike other coding languages, however, it makes each entry exceedingly resistant to external alteration. This means that, while each online transaction is entirely transparent, no one who does not own the data may tamper with it. 

Despite the fact that blockchain is still a relatively new cryptocurrency technology, it has quickly established itself as the most effective data-management approach. Companies (particularly in law, banking, and logistics) are expected to invest up to $15.9 billion in blockchain by 2023 due to its unbreakable transaction security. Fortunately for freelancers, because blockchain is such a specialized field, there aren’t enough specialists with necessary skills to code and maintain it. As a result, as long as you have the expertise to demonstrate, you will almost certainly discover many clients looking for a blockchain professional and that will give you high pay freelance jobs.  

2. Amazon Web Services (AWS)  

As an AWS Architect, you can choose between two pathways. You’ll either work directly with Amazon to ensure that there is as little system downtime as possible, or you’ll provide cloud management services to a variety of businesses that use Amazon’s online storage. Though the annual compensation is quite high, it is doubtful that you would be hired full-time by a single organization, therefore make sure to create a strong customer base and charge a predetermined monthly price. 

AWS is the world’s largest cloud storage provider, and it is used by many huge corporations such as Netflix, Airbnb, Pinterest, and Slack. According to The Verge, if you were to restrict all of the content housed on AWS, you’d only be left with 60% of the internet. Unfortunately, the cloud storage system is vulnerable to hacks and system failures, and when it goes down, it appears that nearly half of the internet falls. 

3. Mobile App Development  

Developers for both Android and iOS apps are in high demand, so it will lead you to high pay freelance jobs.  According to App Annie’s 2019 report, app stores registered over 200 billion downloads in a single year, while users spent a total of $120 billion on apps and in-app transactions. Given that individuals spend more than 3 hours every day on their phones, it’s no surprise that businesses are focusing their efforts on promoting their services via mobile apps. 

This is an excellent opportunity for mobile app developers to leverage on their skills and abilities. Companies are always seeking for fresh freelancers to design, code, and test their mobile and tablet apps. This demand isn’t going away anytime soon, therefore you’ll be able to make a career as a freelance mobile developer for as long as phones are a necessary part of daily life.  

4. AI Development  

You’re in luck if you’re interested in machine learning, how machines work, and how they interact with humans. According to LinkedIn study, AI roles account for the bulk of the top emerging positions for 2020, with one-third of organizations revealing AI growth ambitions. 

Almost half of all businesses already employ some type of machine learning, but AI is still a relatively new idea that is anticipated to grow in popularity over time. Because most AI is used to make daily living easier, each algorithm and line of code is created with a real-world problem in mind. It’s an extremely broad area that requires each specialist to know how to create algorithms, program working voice or facial recognition software, and even construct fully-working robots.  

5. Web Design  

According to WebFX, an expert marketing group, nearly 90% of buyers will choose a competitor if a company’s e-commerce website is poorly built. Companies are aware of this and invest millions of dollars in their designs since, on average, every dollar invested on web design generates $100 in sales. 

As a website designer, you’ll be in charge of studying design trends and developing engaging drafts with creative software such as Photoshop. Web designers must be proficient in website-specific coding languages such as HTML and Cascading Style Sheets (CSS), as they frequently collaborate with front-end developers to code each site.  

If you have any of the above skills you can start your career as a freelancer on Flexgigzz. Com. Create your freelancer profile and ready to market your service.  

Source : wizcase.com 


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