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Top Five Email Outreach Strategies for Freelancers

Obtaining clients is one of the most challenging tasks for a freelancer. Unfortunately, 75% of freelancers are unable to find new work right away. That’s an issue if you don’t have a lot of money in the bank. Even if you are fortunate enough to have savings, you will still require fresh clients to keep your firm running.

There are several techniques you can take to find new clients for your company. This post will explain how to run an email outreach campaign to help you gain new clients. With that in mind, here are five email outreach tactics that will help you succeed.

1. Develop a Customer Persona

Defining your target demographic is the first step in any form of sales or marketing strategy. It should be pretty simple to establish a client persona if you’ve been running a freelance business for a few years. You already have data on former and current clients.

Construct your consumer persona using the data you have available. I advocate developing a client persona that portrays your ideal consumer—the customer who pays the most for your services and is the easiest to work with. You want more of these types of clients. Therefore you should direct your outreach to these firms.

The customer persona will comprise demographic information about your ideal client and interests and pain concerns. If you’re a freelancer who works with businesses, you’ll want to learn more about your perfect client company. You’ll want to collect information such as firm size, revenue, industry, and so on.

The client persona will assist you in understanding the type of company or individual you wish to engage. Having a clear notion of who you want to approach can assist you in compiling a list of eligible companies to pitch your service to.

2. Identify the Decision-Makers Who Should Be Involved

Whether you’re targeting tiny businesses or giant corporations, someone (or a group of people) establishes hiring or freelance agreements. These are the persons you should contact if you want the job.

You’ll need to perform some studies to identify these barriers. Going to the company’s LinkedIn profile will allow you to see a list of people who work there, as well as their titles. If you’re looking for someone in the marketing department, for example, you may use the search word “marketing” to find everyone in the organization who works in that industry.

You can stop the search right there and message the prospect on LinkedIn, but it won’t be as productive as an email. Many people include their email addresses in their profiles. Still, for those who don’t, you can utilize an email finder to obtain their work email addresses, phone numbers, and social network information.

3. Craft a Personalized Email

If you want to persuade your prospects to hire you as a freelancer, you must send them a response-oriented email. The decision-makers you’re contacting ha for those who don’t have busy schedules and don’t have time to read emails that are ambiguous or poorly worded. Your emails should stand out in the inboxes of your recipients.

Here are a few things to think about while writing freelancer outreach emails:

Personalization: A generic email subject that won’t be read. However, a personalized subject line that includes the recipient’s name increases the likelihood of opening your email. Using a subject line tester will improve the open rate even further.

Relevance: Many freelancers mistake sending the same one or two templated messages to everyone on their list. Unfortunately, templated messages do more than just sound generic. They may also include material that isn’t necessarily relevant to the receiver. Before you send anything out, be sure the material is appropriate.

CTA: A good outreach email isn’t complete unless you get the recipient to do something for you. Including a call-to-action, whether in the form of a reaction button or an invitation to a virtual meeting, informs your prospects of what you want them to do and puts the ball squarely in their court.

Before launching your campaign, thoroughly read your email and look for grammatical problems such as singular vs. plural nouns. Poor wording might cause you to lose credibility.

4. Carry out a Multichannel Marketing Campaign

In terms of pure reach, nothing tops email marketing. Email is a vital mode of communication. Approximately 58% of people report that the first thing they do when they wake up is checking their email inboxes.

While email is a terrific way to communicate, it is all too simple for your message to get buried in a crowded inbox. One of the most severe issues with email outreach is this.

Engaging with people across numerous touchpoints is essential for effective digital marketing. Using many communication channels will help you boost your response rates.

The greater the number of people that respond to your outreach, the more probable it is that you will land a new client.

To contact clients, you can utilize a variety of marketing methods in addition to email outreach. Cold calling is undoubtedly the most effective channel. If you are uncomfortable pitching over the phone, you may use social media. LinkedIn will be the most effective marketing channel for the majority of freelancers.

5. Follow Up

Not every receiver will read your email the first time. You simply have to accept that as you learn how to do email marketing. This is also why you should send some follow-up messages to get the person to answer your request.

At this point, I’d like to underline that following up on an email does not imply sending them a daily “good morning” message or texting them, “I know you opened my email – you just don’t want to message me back.” You don’t want to be recognized as the freelancer that sends bothersome messages.

Instead, your follow-up emails should take a somewhat different approach than the first. For example, if you used an email similar to the one above for your initial outreach, you could offer an example of the type of material you’ve created in the second message.

Then, write a final follow-up email to see if they want to schedule a meeting.

Sending a series of messages will help you get more responses. However, don’t send too many texts. There is a narrow line between persistence and annoyance.

In conclusion

It is usually tricky for a freelancer to find employment with clients. Proper email outreach can assist you in accomplishing this. To begin, establish a client persona to understand the types of businesses you want to engage with. After that, start compiling a list of candidates.

The next step in the outreach process is to select the appropriate person to contact. If you utilize LinkedIn and an email finder, you should have no trouble locating the correct recipient.

It is, however, more challenging to create an email that they will want to open and respond to. Using a customized subject line will boost the number of people who open your emails. Finally, while email is effective, it works best when combined with other communication channels such as social media.

These are far from the only hints you should be aware of. However, mastering these tactics will significantly improve your email outreach approach, resulting in more clients for your freelance business.

Source: Flow Up


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