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Top Freelancing Countries to Live in 2022

These are the Top Freelancing Countries to Live in  and work as a freelance professional, according to Tide statistics. They provide the highest quality of life, as well as easy access to the internet and working spaces, as well as strong legal protections.


With a score of 7.35, Singapore is the best freelancing Countries to Live in . Singapore has superb broadband that is both affordable and fast, as well as a very high number of co-working spaces per capita. The country performs well across the board, albeit it is not the cheapest location to live, and its Happiness Index score may be improved.

2.New Zealand

New Zealand comes in second  of the top freelancing countries to Live in, with a Freelancer Score of 7.20, just missing out on first position. The somewhat greater cost of broadband in New Zealand is mitigated by the country’s exceptional score on the Happiness and Global Gender Gap indexes, as well as its very strong legislative safeguards for employees.


Spain is in third place, some way behind New Zealand, with a Freelancer Score of 6.53. While Spain performs rather well across the board, its key assets are its strong performance on the Global Gender Gap Index and its significantly lower cost of living than other high-scoring countries.


Australia is in the 4th place,  Australia has high search for freelance worker.   With  total score 6.49 , Australia has good score in global gender gap index, also happiness index. Makes it a good place for freelancers to live in.

5. Denmark

There is Denmark on the 5th  place with score 6,48 .  Denmark has high broadband speed and happiness index. Besides Denmark has good score in global gender gap index.  Makes it a good country for freelancers  to make a living.

On the 6th place to  10th place there are Canada, Switzerland, Lithuania, Sweden, and Ireland.

Source : Tide

Tide use various data as index to score the Top Freelancing Countries to Live in. Tide examined broadband in each country, using statistics from the Speedtest Global Index to record internet speeds. Tide then used World Bank data to evaluate the strength of employees’ legal rights in each country, as well as the World Economic Forum’s Global Gender Gap Report 2020 to evaluate each country’s stance on equality and gender issues.

Following that, we used data from countryeconomy.com to track each country’s performance on the World Happiness Index and data from The Numbeo to determine the cost of living in each place.

Source : Tide


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