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When a Freelance Web Designer Gets Bored  

Feel bored with your current project? Or feel stuck when you see the same web design. Even a designer can feel  stuck and bored too. When a Freelance Web Designer Gets Bored  usually  he /she will using same template or just say  yes to the  customer request that unaesthetic or even not make the web design look easy for visitors.  

You can take a look back when web the designer is nothing compare now.  It was when the web designers won’t be anything more than framework –configuring bots. But look at now web designer has become a crucial part of a website.  

If we talk about design, all goods, products, and other items that can be sold or purchased must first be designed. Money or other goods supplied in exchange for the service that is incorrectly thought to be the oldest profession had to be designed well before anything could happen. Design comes first, remember how Leonardo da Vinci designed many modern things using sketch at renaissance period.  So, when a Freelance Web Designer Gets Bored or if you feel stuck at your design, just remember, you have to be visionaire.  

Simply look around you wherever you are if you want to comprehend the impact design has had on humanity. Apart from natural shapes and live beings, everything you see right now items, structures, furniture, vehicles, clothing, your tea infuser, and coffee mugs started as concepts in designers’ heads and were then cleverly prototyped by them. 

Conflicts Creativity vs Utility  

Conflicts abound in each subject that necessitates even a smidgeon of ingenuity. Because design is a form of creativity in and of itself, it is full with controversy. Many times, clients just ask similar boring design that according to them amazing that’s when freelance web designer get bored because they cannot create something that satisfy their imagination.  

The disputes and ambiguities have always been there: how to deliver the best solution, what are the rules, are rules needed at all, and many other issues.  Many says “Communication with client is the key”, but we are not going to discuss this issue through communication point of view, because when we do that, customers always win.  

The Ever-Expanding Online World 

When the World Wide Web was first formed, it was difficult to predict how it would eventually look, just as we are today trying to predict when web design will become insufferably monotonous. 

The number of items from the physical world that have a virtual representation is expanding every day: we buy great stuff from e-shops, our personalities are represented online, and fantastic answers to our burning problems are also recorded on the internet.  


Early Websites in 2000  

A more complicated online environment, by definition, need more answers and a broader strategy than one that is only focused on creativity and fun.  

Do you remember most of how did most of the web look like at early 2000? 

The plain, plain designs that didn’t offer much room for imagination were chosen by business sites that had to generate a profit and web pages of organizations that demanded easy usability. 

Although the tools have changed over time, the coding part has remained interesting: back then, developers employed HTML tables, transparent gifs, and other devious tricks to generate a logical, easy-to-understand layout; nowadays, we employ frameworks like Bootstrap and Zurb Foundation. 

Tools Are Just Tools 

Tools are just that: tools; the client and the designer have always decided what to do with them. Bootstrap can help you create gorgeous, award-winning websites, but aesthetics isn’t always the most important factor. 

Nowadays clients need an accessible website for user that led to sales, thus usually they are more concerned about user experience (UX) and usability. However, there are also client that desire aesthetic website, like music band, art gallery or an artist where you as a freelance web designer can pour all your creativity and imagination. So, when a freelance web designer gets bored and stuck, he /she can actually approach different client who has artistic sense. 

As the online world becomes more complex, the conflict between functionality and aesthetics is not simply a binary dilemma; it occurs on a spectrum that is influenced by an increasing number of elements. Web designers must balance the needs of newer and newer users. 

Source : Hongkiat


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