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Writing Your Freelance Design Contract

A graphic design contract is a formal, legally enforceable document that specifies project specifics and working conditions between a customer and a freelance designer.

Contracts are normally prepared by the freelance designer and signed by both parties involved prior to the delivery of any products or services.

A freelance design contract’s objective is to legally protect you, your company, and your customer if problems emerge throughout the course of a project. If you’re unsure, get it in writing.

On the freelancer side, a written contract is very useful for guaranteeing that you are compensated for any freelancing work you accomplish if your customer disappears or refuses to pay you for any reason.

A freelance design contract guarantees that all parties involved are on the same page, know what to expect, and are held accountable throughout the whole project lifetime, from start to finish.

What should you write on a contract ?

1. Project

Begin with a brief statement explaining the design services you will provide to your client. Include the agreed-upon project start date as well as a projected completion timetable.

2. Payment

Following that, you’ll need to set your payment conditions so that everyone is clear on when and how you’ll be paid. The following are the most crucial questions you should answer in this section:

  • What types of payment do you accept?
  • Do you require a down payment up front?
  • How many payment milestones are planned?
  • Will you charge a late fee if a payment deadline is missed?

It will be better to create a comprehensive payment schedule to minimize any confusion about how and when you will be paid.

3. Design Delivery

Make it clear what deliverables your client will receive. Make a list of them and include key characteristics such as file types and design variations.

It’s also a good idea to include a provision for any new design assets that your client may require that aren’t currently included in the original project scope.

4. Number of Revisions

Scope creep is one of the most prevalent issues that freelance designers experience while working with customers. Scope creep occurs when clients begin to add extra work in the shape of revisions, design assets, jobs, and so on that you haven’t previously agreed to.

5. Copyright and IP Protection

Use your freelance contract to obtain (in writing) your client’s permission to include their project in your design portfolio. Also, make it clear whether your client will have exclusive rights and ownership of the finished product once you’ve been paid.

6. Termination

Not every freelance assignment works exactly as planned. This could be for a variety of reasons. Whatever the reason, you should always include a termination provision in your design contract that defines what happens if you or your customer must cancel the project. Include information about who owns the copyright to the final work.

Your graphic design contract is critical to guaranteeing the smooth and seamless execution of your project. But when is the best time to show it to your clients? Before beginning any freelancing job, you should always email them a contract and have them sign it. However if you are a freelancer on Flexgigzz.com you don’t need to worry about contract. Because you will get paid once the order is completed, and if there is any problem you can ask the customer support to help you.

Source : dribbble

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