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How Can You Become a Boomerang Employee and What Is a Boomerang Employee?

When you hear the term “boomerang employee,” you might be curious as to what it means and whether you ought to apply. Knowing about the boomerang notion can help you understand what a boomerang employee is—someone who quits a company and later returns to work there.

Before making the decision to work as a boomerang employee, weigh the benefits and drawbacks. Thankfully, the days of hiring managers showing no interest in candidates who have worked for them before are passed, and businesses now see the advantages that can boost their bottom line.

What Is a Boomerang Employee?

Due to a skills shortage brought on by The Great Resignation, businesses were compelled to consider rehiring former employees. An employee can decide to leave a company if they were forced to go back to the workplace after the pandemic when they would have chosen to work from home.

The worker may opt to apply for the position if it becomes available with the same company in the future, and the employer may decide to rehire the former worker. You might refer to the employee who was rehired in this situation as a boomerang worker.

Boomerang workers may be advantageous to the company as well as the individual. The employee gains from having the ability to negotiate terms, such as a raise in compensation, while the business gains from the cost savings realized because the new recruit doesn’t require training.

The abilities and viewpoints the rehired employee acquired during their prior work can also be advantageous to the firm. The boomerang employee may have believed that their experience would be better elsewhere, but it really helped them appreciate the culture at their current employer more.

The Benefits of Being a Boomerang Employee

If you’re on the fence about returning to a former company after quitting, you should think about the advantages. Employers are aware that occasionally leaving a job allows you to advance, and they are grateful for the skills and information you acquired while working there.

You have the advantage when negotiating the terms of your job due to your experience and the assurance you obtain from knowing your former company is amenable to your return. You can request a flexible work schedule, more time off, or a pay raise.

How to Become a Boomerang Employee

There are several things you should think about before you begin applying for positions with your old employer. Consider the reason you left in the first place. If a hostile work environment was the cause, what assurances do you have that the situation has improved?

Did you get along well with your coworkers before you left? Consider whether that’s the kind of workplace you want to enter and whether there’s anything you can do to make it warmer if you’re going to receive a chilly greeting from your coworkers.

You may also want to consider how you left the job. Was it on good terms that your former employer wouldn’t hesitate to have you back on the team, or will they have concerns?

If you’re confident that the boomerang employee experience will be positive, you can start preparing for your comeback! Here are some of the steps to take:

1. Leave on Good Terms

You’ve probably heard the adage that you shouldn’t burn your bridges when you leave a job, and this is true. Regardless matter how miserable you were at work, you want to leave on a good note in case you need a reference or want to be taken into consideration for a different position.

Whether or not you want to return, it’s a good idea to part ways amicably. Since most sectors have close networks, you don’t want a former employer to speak poorly of you to future employers.

2. Gain New Experiences and Skills

You must demonstrate that you have acquired new knowledge and experience that increase your value as an employee from the time you left in order to stand out to your former company. By enrolling in a course, obtaining a certification, or accepting more senior management duties, you might impress your previous employer.

You want to demonstrate to your former employer that you have improved both yourself and your skills since you left the company. You might be interested in finding out how to improve your employment abilities while obtaining free online certificates.

3. Stay Informed About the Organization

You must research the company you wish to work for, just like you would in a typical job search. To receive alerts when news about the company is released, you may subscribe to their newsletter or set up a Google Alert.

Keeping up with business events will help you get ready for any job openings that may arise as a result of the activities. Additionally, it keeps you up to date on the corporate culture.

Additionally, you can follow the brand on social media; don’t be hesitant to like and comment on their postings as it will assist to keep you visible.

4. Stay in Touch With Former Colleagues and Managers

Employers cherish keeping in touch with past workers, so many have developed alumni networks for them that are intended exclusively for rehires. You can still stay in touch with former coworkers and bosses if the company you wish to boomerang to doesn’t have a website like that.

If a new opportunity arises, keeping in touch with the people who still work for the organization you left can keep you top of mind. If they prefer texting, emailing, or calling, try to stay in touch with them that way. You can also try to meet up for lunch or a cup of coffee.

To stay up to date on company news, LinkedIn is a great social media site for connecting with former employees, supervisors, and peers. You might wish to research effective LinkedIn personal brand building strategies.

5. Apply for Open Positions

Apply for any open positions you come across if you meet the requirements! If the application asks if you’ve previously worked for the company, be truthful and respond positively. You want to establish a good foundation for your future relationship with your previous employer.

Sending a personal email to the hiring manager to inform them that you have submitted your application for the position may be appropriate if you feel comfortable with your interaction with them. You might want to learn how to save your resume on your phone (and apply for jobs!) since you might want to have it there so you can submit an application as soon as you see the vacancy.

Don’t Be Afraid to Boomerang!

Go for it if you’ve given it some thought and think that working for your former employer again will benefit both your career and your personal life. Don’t worry about what other people think or how they feel about going back to a job they quit. All that counts is that it works for you.

Keep in mind that the return benefits more than just you. You’re bringing fresh knowledge and experiences that have altered your point of view, which might be useful while trying to solve an issue. Think of your boomerang as a win-win situation for you and your previous company.



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